Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Green Arrow has resigned from the BNP

Well before I went to bed for a dream free sleep, I had a feeling that I would soon be writing this article and to be honest I am glad I am writing it now the deed is done.

After several conversations with my Regional Organiser for Wales, Brian Mahoney it was decided that it would be best for the Party and especially BNP Wales that I resign from the BNP with immediate effect. Brian is an excellent Organiser and I am proud to have worked with him. He is the glue that holds BNP Wales together and is a true patriot.

So this morning, I have submitted my official resignation from the Party. Bit sad about it but these things happen. So why have I resigned?

It is simple really, no individual British National Party member should have the right to be above Party Rules and Regulations that are in place for a very good reason and be allowed to go off and say just what they like. There are ways and means of doing things in an organisation.

But some people are just not suited for being members of any organisation, they are mavericks, they are anti-establishment and all organisations have an "Establishment" at the top and so when these mavericks see something they believe to be wrong they will speak out. I certainly will.

So what happens next? I would like to say. Not a lot. I would like to say that business will go on as usual. But I would be lying to you and I will not do that. I have to much respect you. A lot is going to happen.

Now that my hands have been unshackled by the fact of no longer being a member of the greatest patriotic party ever, the BNP, I will now be free to be more outspoken and sail even closer to the wind.

I am now also free to write publicly with what I perceive to be wrong with the party and to highlight any mistakes they make. Hopefully they will be few and far between.

Now for those of you who will say - traitor - you should not wash our dirty linen in public I say this. The party must learn not to soil itself. If it needs potty training then I will assist in that training.

You will see a glimpse of the future path of the Green Arrow sites in the next article but I would like to finish by saying this.

This site supports the British National Party and it's Chairman Nick Griffin MEP 100%, so if there are any people out there thinking that this article means a lack of support or output promoting the party you are sadly wrong. If anything it means increased support and output.

Long live the BNP

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