Tuesday, 18 August 2009

So who really impressed you at the RWB?

Councillor Russ Green BNP

Now lots of you who did recognise the Green Arrow might have made the easy mistake that I was there just to drink as much as humanely possible and flirt with every female in sight.

But first a bit of background. How did a penniless blogger not only manage to get and stay at the RWB but also mingle with the mighty whilst swigging from a fluted glass?

Well I was there as the guest of the British Patriots, who provided me with a seat in their van, a ticket to the RWB and lots of bacon sandwiches and good filling faggots and gallons of good warm beer. I honestly did not expect to be going and had resigned myself to staying home alone with only the chatroom for company. Big thank you to the Patriots - I hope your weekend was a success.

The entrance fee for the cameraman and I to the Champer Bash, was paid for by a small group of people who thought that the events inside the tent should be covered and so in we went. You have read a little about that and more will follow in due course. Thank you guys for sending us in.

A big thanks to Clive and Sandra from Swansea BNP for the free coffee and food and a big thanks to Big Bill Murray from North Wales BNP for the cigarretes.

Yes it is true, that the two little minxes from the North (every where North of Newport is the North) distracted me for awhile but I was soon back on track and doing my job.

If you want a good honest report of the RWB then you should pop over to the Derby Patriot. The Derby Patriot is a site that you really should make a point of bookmarking.

The site is run by Shaydee Lady who you might have chatted to in the unofficial BNP Chat room that you can visit by clicking this link.

But I think Wicked Lady would be a better name. She has the smilingist eyes, the wickedest smile and the most kissable lips(I imagine) that I have ever seen. Plus and this is a big plus for me. She can down pints better than the men. I was well impressed. Might as well mention it whilst here. She fits a pair of jeans excellently and I could have spend the entire weekend following her around the site. (Regards her article - whilst correct that she and the rest may have gone to bed at 3 a.m. The GA and the Wales Cameraman Anthony continued to drink until 6.30 a.m.)

Now finally returning to the real purpose of this article, I want to tell you about one of the people I met and spoke to at length. Forget the suits and the speakers now. Lets talk about the real heroes of the BNP - Activists and Councillors.

And I can do two jobs in one here by writing about Sandwell BNP Councillor Russel D Green.

This guy epitomises what it is all about. Having first challenged him to a drinking contest to be arranged for the future, I asked him if there was anything in being a councillor that gave him satisfaction or pleasure.

Strange reply but I can relate to it. He said sometimes there was at first outrage and then later, hopefully satisfaction. Let me tell you what he told me.

He received a phone call from a very distraught elderly constituent who was in tears on the phone whilst explaining how the council had left her house looking like a building site.

She had managed to get a grant to enable her to have conversions done to her house so as to make the toilet, steps, doorways etc accessible for her disabled husband. Sadly her husband was taken ill and passed away while the modifications were being made.

Councillor Green went on to tell me that the contractors being employed by the council to do the work simply left the house half finished, outrageously saying the work no longer needed to be done!!!

Well our BNP Councillor visited the elderly lady and what he saw shocked him. Walls half painted, the downstairs toilet demolished, the garden looking like a tip, tiles on the kitchen floor, which had been left unfinished also.

This elderly lady was in tears of embarrassment, as she explained to Councillor Green just how difficult it was for her to use the upstairs toilet. By now I was feeling pretty outraged myself I tell you.

I felt even more outrage when Russ (we were now on first name terms) told me she had contacted two labour councillors and visited the council offices numerous times without success. Reassuring his elderly constituent, this real hero of the BNP went into action.

I cannot really report on what went on when Councillor Russ arrived back at the Council Offices but I can imagine. The man is bundle of energy and a very forceful speaker.

Before two days had passed, the workmen were back on the job and had it finished it all within the week.

The lady in question could not thank Our Councillor enough and no doubt we have won a life long voter and no doubt she will tell her friends who will now also vote for us. But it is not just about votes. That is not why Councillor Green leapt to this lady's assistance. He did it because it was right to and the two labour councillor should hang their heads in shame.

I do not know about you but I hope that you the readers can imagine the enormous sense of satisfaction Councillor Green got from knowing he had helped this lady and resolved her problems. Well done Councillor Russ Green. We in the BNP are proud of you.

This is how we will win. By helping Our People in their real lifes.

So I guess the answer to my own question in the title was - Councillor Russ Green impressed me the most.