Monday, 10 August 2009

WE HAVE LIFT OFF ..... !!!!

by johnofgwent

Ok People ... This is IT. This is not a drill. After weeks of manic effort on all sides we are GO for launch at 08:00 BST. For the last couple of days the British Patriot Online Shop has caried a message advising our would-be buyers that we have had to remain offline while we sort out the cyberspace equivalent of the shelving and the hundreds of little elves that will run around loading up the orders.

Well, it is done. The project stands on Pad 39B with dry ice forming where the LOX tanks are being filled.

Actually it is now T Minus Seventy Five and Counting.

Then it will be time for the "1201 Alarm" (only kidding wellard !!!!)

EDIT by johnofgwent. Some years ago I put in a tender to become a tester for a certain rocket guidance system. They turned down my bid saying it was too costly. And so I narrowly avoided becoming forever tainted with being a tester on the biggest firework in history. But then as now one truth remains. The first thirty seconds of the in-flight experience are the worst and guess what guys I litle the blue touch paper fifteen seconds ago (!)