Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Will the real Anjum Alam Khan stand up.

I had been over on one of the red rubbish sites reading their clearly fabricated version of events regarding the incident in Ely, Cardiff, where a mother was banned from her local post office, when she attempted to post a parcel to her son serving in Afghanistan, when a little bell rang in my mind.

The owner of the Post Office is one Anjum Alam Khan and I could not help but wonder how many Anjum Alam Khans there actually are in Wales. Then I cast my mind back to something I had read over on the Law Society Gazette. That was also about a guy called Anjum Alam Khan who lived in Cardiff.

By all accounts Anjum Alam Khan used to be a solicitor but was struck off for:
Failure to deliver accountant's reports -- failure to keep properly written-up accounts -- misuse of client money
Its seem that Khan, along with two other solicitors in a partnership were found guilty of unbeffitting conduct in that:
  1. they had failed to deliver accountant's reports to the Society, contrary to s.34 of the Solicitors Act 1974;
  2. they had failed to keep properly written-up books of account, contrary to r.11 of the Solicitors Accounts Rules 19 86;
  3. they had continued in their failure to keep properly written-up books of account, contrary to r.11; and
  4. they had improperly withdrawn money from client account, contrary to rr.7 and 8 of the 1986 rules, and had used it for their own benefit and for the benefit of others not entitled thereto.
Hmm. Pretty damning charges to be found guilty of, especially when you consider the sums of money involved.
A further inspection was carried out in October when payments totalling £863,000 (some relating back to July 1986) had not been allocated to any client ledger and receipts totalling £636,800 (some relating back to June 1986) were also unposted. A shortage on client account had been replaced before the inspection.
So I was just wondering if the Anjum Alam Khan, struck off solicitor was now Anjum Alam Khan Postmaster?

I am sure someone will tell me if they are one and the same.

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