Saturday, 22 August 2009

The BNP is not just a political party

Right, first off. I put the above video up because I like the song. The video is not the best but it serves its purpose. To advertise the Green Arrow Forum.

Now I am going to rattle this article off without thinking and as fast as I can type it.

In Part Two of Nick Griffin MEP BNP's speech at the RWB he talks about the need for individuals, branches and groups to use their initiative in pushing forward the Party to the unawakened people out there. People still living in the dark who know not the truth about what is being done to them and their Country.

And the Chairman is right. The British National Party is not strong enough yet to be the White Knight in the Shining Armour who can gallop into town and solve our problems. We must locally solve them ourselves by being the BNP wherever and whenever we can.

The Party is NOT just a political party - it is a genuine revolutionary movement for change and that we must show to people everywhere by being involved in all aspects of local life, from campaigning on local issues and being involved in local events, be they coffee mornings, fêtes or fairs. We must set up our stalls, just as Swansea BNP did at the Vale of Glamorgan Show.

And we on the internet must play our part in coordinating and helping organising and raising awareness of these events so that local groups and branches can assist each other.

Open up your Patriot Blog sites, put your banners back up and your local contact details on the side of the site. Army Regiments do not hide their colours in a cupboard, they fly them proudly. Do it.

When you leaflet, add the link to to your local patriot site at the bottom of your leaflet. What is the point of a local Patriot site if the local people do not know it exists? Put the link on the bottom and damn them all and if you get a call then say what I said - "F**k Off".

Link your sites to every other Patriotic site and if you find something of interest let the others know and when they know, they should also carry the story - it is how we spread the word and that is how we will win. By spreading the word.

But be responsible. Get others to check your articles before publishing. We cannot afford to slip off the tightrope wire that bloggers walk - it will be fatal for us and we could fall on the party.

But being overly cautious never won anything. It is only the bold and daring who win. Those who sit and cower in the trenches let us all down. If your national or local leaders will not lead you over the top then put a bayonet to their back and push them into leading. If they do not lead. Fragg them and find a more daring and bolder replacement.

Now the main BNP site is in a very difficult position - it must be cautious about what it writes but independent blogging sites do not. Put a clear disclaimer up, such as the one on the Green Arrow site and if you fall you fall alone and no wimping please. We are British Bloggers.

Now I personally, along with some Friends of the Green Arrow intend to be more proactive, more aggressive and more productive and what we are going to do is not because of egos or crap like that. You cannot have egos in a war for survival and that is what we are fighting.

Already our enemies feel strong enough to make claims that certain of our towns and cities now belong to them. It is really time now to tell things the way they are. A plague and a curse on all our enemies - help crush them.

The Friends of the Green Arrow are going to create a new website.

It is not going to be done because it wishes to compete with the main site or any other site but because we believe we have the will to build a network of Patriot Sites across the Country that will increase the rate at which Nationalists are awakening the True British People.

We KNOW we have the skills and resources required to create a New Home of the Green Arrow site, that will include rolling news, comments and articles and we most certainly have the will to do it.

When it is launched, support it, link it, promote it and question the motives of ANY person who tries to stop you spreading the truth to the people no matter what shabby title they have or excuse they give you. Just do your duty and spread the truth.

Now I understand that for technical reasons the main site BNP forum is down and likely to be down for quite a time. OK - No problem. There is the Green Arrow Forum. There you can post without fear of censure providing you respect certain obvious rules. You are not stupid - you are a nationalist - a British Nationalist. Come join us there and let us know what is happening in your part of the world. We really want to know.

I also believe that open debate in a forum prevents the spread of malicious rumours and gossip. But rumours and gossip can only exist when the members are not kept informed and that is something the party needs to address.

I was pleased to hear the Chairman say that we would soon have a clear Organisation Structure with names in boxes and roles and responsibilities clearly defined. Good, let us have it sooner rather than later please.

Whilst here, I also suggest that Our Chairman take aside some of Our Senior Officers and give them a few lessons in humility and remind them that we are a volunteer army and a volunteer army follows and fights harder for officers they respect and not hold in contempt.