Sunday, 23 August 2009

A message for the BNP Copyright Officer

Now this is going to cause a little rift but only a little one in the Band of Brothers that is the British National Party, so the sooner it is done and dusted the better. Brothers fighting is never a good thing but it does happen occasionally and the rift seldom remains open for long.

This rift is over how best to use the internet in spreading the truth to the British People. Now I know where I stand on this issue but I am not sure where those who are trying to silence me stand and I will come back to that.

First a bit of background. I personally fell out with a few people in the party over their decision prior and during the run up to the European Election to close down the parties internet operations on facebook, change the names of local branch blogs from names such as Bridgend BNP to Bridgend Patriot and remove BNP logos and banners during an election.

I totally disagreed with this decision (whilst acknowledging why - or rather acknowledging the reason they gave - which incidentally I never believed) and pointed out in the most forceful terms that the last thing our activists needed in the middle of an election were orders to strike their colours and throw away days if not weeks and months of work. What insanity made them come up with that idea and that time frame I have no idea. But I will return to this also.

The party appeared to back off on this one. But of course the election is over and now those same people have picked up the stick to try and beat patriot bloggers into submission again. Forgetting that it was internet action (along with good street activism) that send two of our people to europe. The internet is one of our most powerful weapons in our armoury and it should not be thrown away.

Now I recently had conversations with the parties Copyright Officer(what a pathetic title) and others within the party was persuaded to remove the image of Nick Griffin and the sites "Battle Honours" that were in the shape of BNP Rosettes.

Hindsight is wonderful thing and I bitterly regret removing those rosettes which were to celebrate the proud British National Party's activists success in getting first Richard Barnbrook elected to the London Assembly and then our two MEPs to the European Union. Three victories that I believe, I played my part in achieving.

Removing those rosettes is the most shameful thing I have ever done in my life. To me it was like a warship striking its colours or a regiment throwing down their colours and running. I will not run again - no matter what the price.

Now the hidden men in suits behind the messengers send their attack dogs out again. They do not come themselves, they send their errand boys - some of whom are friends to do their dirty work. Show your faces you bloody cowards. Ring me direct and I will give you the same answer I gave your messenger boys.

Now then this is what has been displayed clearly on the Home of the Green Arrow and Friends site for as long as I can remember. In fact displayed long before this storm in a teacup started.
All material published on these pages represents the personal views of the Green Arrow and should not be taken to represent official BNP policy. THIS SITE IS NOT AN OFFICIAL BNP SITE, NEITHER IS IT A PUPPET OF THE BNP. IT IS AN INDEPENDENT SITE.
Can I make it any clearer that the Green Arrow is not a spokesman of the BNP?
Can I make it any clearer that it is not an official site?
Can I make it any clearer that it is not a PUPPET of the BNP?

No I cannot and so today when I received the following email, I gave the response I suggested other bloggers give.

Dear Paul,

Please can you amend your header banner on your website to comply with party copyright rules. No independent website/blog should mention the party; neither "BNP" or "British National Party" can be mentioned in the header banner.

The national organiser and your R.O. have been copied in on this email.

Best Regards,

Chris Barnett
Copyright Officer
British National Party

My reply was not fit for publication ......................

Now yes I could have expressed my feelings in a well crafted reply but I am fed up with their little game.

Now, even now, this correspondence might have remained private as I had decided to reword the banner as well as the disclaimer to make it crystal clear to even a stupid Copyright Officers masters that I was an independent site. But they had to push it and try one more phone call that almost caused a major rift between patriotic brothers who was just another messenger.

So that is it. It is out in the open now and I will have my say and then they can have theirs and if they email it to me I will publish it.

Now I will not go into all the details today as to why the British National Party should be encouraging the growth of patriotic blogs with their Town and City names followed by BNP. Sites that could be managed by Regional Officers signature to release an article. After all if these people are good enough to stand for Member or Parliament or the European Union, then they surely are good enough to be trusted with running a simple blog.

Now what do I think the reasons are for not wanting these blogs?

Well it could be that the Party wants total control and only one outlet for news. But in all honesty, the BNP main site is not capable of handling that kind of output. So it cannot be that reason.

Are they worried someone might drop the ball and bring the party into disrepute or cost it money. Well we all know that as already happened and the lesson learnt. But the reds have now occupied the sites we deserted and it does not stop them using the BNP banners and logo and only a fool would believe that we can. Might be this one.

Some people are working against the interests of the party and wish to hinder its growth. I have received enough information now to believe that there are those kind of people in the party - only a fool would assume there are not. This is where I would put my money.

The internet might not be the only way we will win Our Country back but it will play a big part and we should use it to the best of our ability. If asked for suggestions, I will refer them to a document I submitted to them close on two years ago about how internet sites could be managed.

Now there is an humorous side to all this. I am quite looking forward to reading the headlines that a British National Party blogger has been expelled from the party for supporting the British National Party.

The New Green Arrow web site will be up and running soon. It will display its support for the British National Party and will display its "Battle Honours" and it will support the BNP whether they like it or not. It is not what they think of me that counts it is what I think of them.

Do not mention the BNP - I did once but I think I got away with it

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