Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Soldiers off the Street

Right, I meant to start this article off with a bit about the Chairman of the British National Party's speech about campaigning to stop the illegal war in Afghanistan, then I realised that deserved a complete post on its own.

Sometimes I wonder about us nationalists - I really do.

  • We are quick to spot problems.
  • We are quick to point out those problems to other people.
  • But boy are we slow in moving into action and sorting out these problems for ourselves.
It just will not do - we have to sharpen up. Me must be pro-active from here on in.

For years the British National Party has been banging on about the plight of Our Soldiers living on the streets of our decaying country. Bang, bang bang. Wrong, wrong, wrong we kept shouting but did we do anything about it. In the words of the Covert Team - Did we F**k.

Now it seems that someone has got off their backside and appears to be doing something about it. It is just a damn pity that we in the British National Party did not think about doing it ourselves.

Not to gain votes but again because it would be the right thing, the British thing to do. Anyhow if we can help this new organisation called Soldiers of Our Streets we should. This is their Mission Statement.
Soldiers off the street is a new organisation setup by a group of dedicated people, to help ex service personnel that have found themselves homeless and living on the streets throughout the United Kingdom, we think it is a national disgrace (but we will not go down that road at the moment). We intend to do our best to help as many as we can regain a normal life off the street.

Soldiers off the street; Intend to setup a number of ways to help homeless ex service personnel living on the streets as follows:

Soldiers off the street now have a head office to work from, 21 Chester Street, Wrexham, LL13 8BG. Opening at the end of September 2009. From here we intend to setup the organisation throughout the United Kingdom with key points in every city.
We are now in the process of looking for a warehouse where we can store clothes and parcels etc.

We intend to have a fleet of vans, with one in every city handing out clothes and food to homeless ex service personnel, the vans will also be used to collect clothes, food and furniture to help homeless ex service personnel setup their home once we have helped them find a home.

The first thing an homeless ex service personnel sells, in order to live are their medals. Once we have helped them settle we intend helping them recover them back, they are the rightful owners not some collector or dreamer.
Well you can read the rest by following this link here.

Let us all wish Soldiers off the Street every success.

The truth is though, just helping the poor fallen soldiers with food and basic shelter will not be enough.

We need a British National Party government that will give soldiers who have served their country, jobs in the police, prison service, Fire Brigades, etc when they leave the armed forces and make them priority cases for social housing. Bugger the immigrants and bogus refugees - let them live on the streets in cardboard boxes.