Wednesday, 26 August 2009

BNP support for Three Owls Bird Sanctuary

Ooops - look like they have already lost one.

Now this is an interesting story that I can use to make a very good point - well at least I think so. You might disagree and I am equally sure that you will tell me so.

The Chairman (I can't say Our any more) of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP has pledged his support as an MEP for the Three Owls Bird Sanctuary in its battle "against red tape emanating from Rochdale Council".

The comment from the sanctuary manager Nigel Fowler shows how the fact that the BNP having elected representatives at the highest level now means the Party has finally been accepted by all except those who wish to destroy the patriotic party.
Asked if the BNP was the sort of organisation the sanctuary should accept support from, sanctuary manager Nigel Fowler said: "We do not discriminate against anyone who wants to support Three Owls Bird Sanctuary. We have support from other organisations and individuals who will be controversial to some but we are grateful to anyone who wants to help us in our fight for survival."
And the point it makes? Well there are some people who think that the British National Party should not stand in European Elections but should concentrate on just UK Elections. To me this thinking is clearly flawed.

By helping the Three Owls Sanctuary, Nick Griffin MEP, increases the party's profile in that area and that can only be good for the BNP candidates who will standing in that region during the General Elections. That is just one reason why we must contest any and all elections wherever possible.

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