Monday, 10 August 2009

God Bless all who sail in her

The Launch of the British Patriot

And were off! Finally the journey begins.

After weeks of hardwork and superhuman effort the doors of the British Patriot are finally open.

The first thing we would like to do is to thank the people who have helped us to bring our dream to reality. It is not enough to say a simple thank you before pointing out what has been done here. This is something to me that only true nationalists will understand, a sense of brotherhood and belonging to a family of like minded people who’s only motivation is restoring our once great country to its rightfull owners, the British people!

The list would go on forever but I would like to say a special thank you to the following:-
  • The Green Arrow for all your work and effort and for promoting The British Patriot on your sites.
  • JohnOfGwent for the hard work in setting up the I.T systems and shop(And for putting up with me!).
  • Mike AKA The Stig who put in nothing short of a superhuman effort in loading the products, logo designs etc.
  • Bertie Bert for all the banners and work you have put in to help us, (its worth a beer or four if Russ doesn’t get the brunette in cartoon!)
  • Russel Green, Shaydee lady, The Birmingham Patriot and all the other nationalist blog sites that have featured us and linked us in on their sites.
A huge thank you as well to all the nationalist and friends from the various chat rooms and social sites.

So where do we go from here?

Well the first thing for us will be the annual Red White and Blue festival where we will have a display in the BNP Wales marquee where we will have a range of items for sale and for order on the day.

Then the real work will begin on our project our aim is to make the British Patriot a home for all nationalists and also to make it a lot more than just an online shop.

The first stage will be to increase the product range as soon as we have met with various suppliers and exchanged contracts, our aim here is to bring you far more than just another online shop. We will have news articles and the latest films from Patriot TV Wales to entertain you all before you spend your hard earned cash!

And what of the cash?

Well, We will be donating on a regular basis to several nationalist causes that we belive in.

Firstly -to regional funds for The British National Party in Wales.

We also intend to help fund The Home of The Green Arrow, believe me the costs of running his sites monthly software bills are not to be sniffed at what with mobile broadband, phones, fuel, travel to meetings etc, all adding up to a nice sum so we will be donating from sales to keep the Green machine lubricated (add warm beer!).

We will also be marketing a UK first for fans and Friends of the Green Arrow, we have designed a must have range of t-shirts, polo shirts and mugs.

We have our own in house design and manufacture department and we are able to offer this to all Nationalist groups at very reasonable costs, should anyone wish to have any banners, mugs, badges, etc, made up, then pop in and see us at the RWB or email the ideas onto British Patriot.

In fact, existing groups will also have an option to purchase an entire "Branch/Group Start up kit" of a Stall, Banner, flags, etc. If we do not have what you want - tell us and we will get it.

This will be a very cost affective service designed to help new start up groups that otherwise simply wouldn’t have the funding available to place large orders with manufacturers.

Coming soon there will also be a totally ethical way of buying household goods and products without the need for credit or interest charges (we think the bankers have had enough of your money!).

Our dream for this project is simple, should it prove a success with your ongoing support then we will be happy to have played our part in regaining Our Country and causing those hell bent on destroying us a living nightmare they cannot silence. We are after all a Band of Brothers!


Roger Phillips

British Patriot Products