Friday, 28 August 2009

Moslem - BNP ate my hamster then kidnapped me

Jackanory, Jackanory, Jackanory

Well you all know the story now about how a so called Moslem community leader was kidnapped from his home at knife point and ordered to stop holding indoctrination sessions for the Cult of the Dead Paedophile and how the fourth estate have latched onto it.

To me though, it seems all they have done is latched onto a wet leprosy case that is going to contaminate them and reveal themselves to be the dupes of a self promoting moslem. Good.

But I must confess I found his story hilarious. Not since Jackanory went off the air in 1996 have I enjoyed a tall story so much.
Mr Ramjanally, a married father of one, was at home alone at 12.15pm on Monday when his doorbell rang.

He said: “When I opened the door, two white men just grabbed me by my wrists and pulled me outside. They put a knife upon my stomach and said to me, Do what you are told or you will get hurt'. I was scared.

They forced me into the boot of a 4x4 and one of the men held me with a knife to my chest. They drove me to Epping Forest and one said, Do it here'. I thought that my life was over.”

He added: “They walked with me deep into the forest and said: We don't want the Islamic group in Loughton. If you don't stop, we'll come back'. Then they disappeared.

The men did not say anything about the BNP or who they were. But it is only the BNP who want my Islamic group out of Loughton. I believe the BNP campaign has inspired the violence.

This whole story reeks of fantasy. Lets go through it and see what we can make of it.

This man would have us believe that two men called at his home, not knowing how many other people would be present - in moslem homes there are usually a LOT of people - and dragged him from it in broad daylight when even all of those on benefits in the area would be up and about to witness this event and take their number plate.

Drive him to Epping Forest, passing God only knows how many CCTV cameras and then take him walkabout in an area that is full of dog walkers, people dogging, UAF supporters lurking in bushes and people like the the disgraced Labour MP Ron Davies having some fun with friends they met in a near by public convenience?

Now kidnap is a serious offence - the penalty for it can be as long or longer than for murder. They do not physically attack him, break a few bones but just warn him? No. Just too tall a story to swallow but there will be the usual dhimmi cretins who do swallow this tripe.

Then I think we get to the heart of the matter. The story teller informs us that although these people did not show them their BNP membership cards he accuses the BNP of being responsible before going on to say that he was in terror for his life?

Well take a look at the image at the top. Does he look like a man living in terror?

Forget the two silly, grinning plastic policemen??? standing either side of him. Remember this is supposed to be a serious offence, so why does it look like they are having a great time of it?

Because they are having a great time. Already the enricher can see invites onto chat shows where a sympathetic interviewer who will be thinking "This man is a complete fraud", will ask him how he felt and give the moslem a chance to increase his fame and attack the British National Party at the same time.

The interviewer will nod in agreement and turn to the sheep audience and say some such crap as "What a brave man" before pressing the "applaud" button concealed out of sight. The grinning story teller will then ask Max Clifford to be his agent and ask if he can get him on Big Brother. All so predictable.

And over in the moslem newspapers, their writers are bigging this story up large by adding "facts" that right wing supporters of the BNP are stockpiling rocket launchers, grenades, heavy weapons and small arms. What planet or moon are these people from? But of course it helps to keep their followers in line and in fear.

No, I suspect the police will investigate. They will find nothing on the cameras, they will find no witnesses, they will find no tyre tracks. In short they will find zip and the case will then close because the whole story is nothing more than a pack of lies put out by a person whose cult tells him it is right to lie to the non believers.


Our good friend Harbi informs me of the following:

The police have issued Mr Ramjamally's description of his abductors and their vehicle.

They were coloured (green), unarmed (but had five tentacles) , eyes on stalks and they were driving a Transgalactic Megawarp Turbosaucer.

During the abduction they subjected Mr Ramjamally to an in-depth examination, which he found most enjoyable.