Sunday, 16 August 2009

Back from the RWB

Click for larger image

First a big thank you to Sarah: Maid of Albion and John of Gwent for stepping up to the plate in my absence. Thank you Sarah. Thank you John.

Have a mountain of information about the RWB and the people I spoke to there but that will have to wait until tomorrow and then probably take three days of article to report on the event and those wonderful people there full justice.

The first article planned for the morning will be about Nick Griffin MEP BNP. What a Leader and what an inspiration to all those in the greatest patriotic political party ever, the one and only, British National Party.

The image above is of some of the Welsh members present. These activists are my friends, they are my family and with people like these fighting for us, we cannot lose.

One thing about images of group gatherings at which I am present. Why is it always the Green Arrow who winds up taking the photo?

Lots to come guys but lots to do right now.

BNP for Ever.

UPDATE Monday 0358

I just opened up the image of my my friends above and zoomed in on their faces. Do you see what I see? People laughing and smiling. Relaxed people, happy people who have managed to escape from the nightmare world of reality for a few short days.

Do me a favour please. Open the image and zoom in and look at each face individually. Leave me a comment and tell me what you see?

And what did I see? I see what the peoples faces of the True Brits will look like when the British National Party wins back Our Country and those people above will do just that. Win back our Country, for they are the BNP.