Monday, 17 August 2009

Green Arrow addresses the RWB

Green Arrow addresses a packed tent of BNP Activists

After having a couple of pints too many, the evening before, I decided that I would go "public" and give a speech to anyone interested in listening to my thoughts on Poker and the importance of Origami in folding your cards.

Afterwards I would have an answer and questions session and expected quite a few people to attend. By all accounts I would be the "warm up" speaker for a couple of MEPs who were staying in another field called "The Flag Camp".

The speech would have to be made on "the fly" as I had left my glasses in Lippys a friends tent, so everything was a bit blurred but I could still make out a sizeable crowd seated on tables in front of the podium.

And so I began but what a tough crowd to work. I tried every trick in the book - The Master would have been impressed. Jokes, tales of outrage, sentiment. Nothing worked. Silence.

Occasionally but very occasionally I would hear the sound of a single person clapping behind me. That would be my trusty kinsman Anthony - he at least understood the world shattering points I was making.

Anyhow here are the images to prove I did speak there. Lippys Could anyone finding a pair of glasses return them to me as I am still unable to see things properly.

Hope you enjoyed the images.

Other side of the hall.
You can just make out the main crowd through in the other room.