Saturday, 29 August 2009

Dhimmitude; the Death of Europe

By Albion

Having our laws decided by politicians in Westminster who were elected to represent constituencies north of the border but who cannot represent them in their own parliament might appear to a time traveler to be pretty bizarre, but having our laws decided in Westminster in coalition with a consortium of foreign governments might call into question whether treason has been committed. If Henry the Eight decided treason has not been committed, so be it. So it is with our politicians.

The crime of Treason had to be struck off the statute books before Treason could take place. This was done with the stroke of the pen when the British public were in deep slumber and many of them are still unaware what skulduggery has taken place. It will take many years to discover to what extent and depth this treason went.

As regards Great Britain’s future; an interesting but at present a most unlikely scenario would be if the yes votes in the European parliament for entry of a new EU member by countries such as Slovakia, Moldova, Latvia and Lithuania were enough the swing the final vote to allow the entry of Turkey into the European Union. This in turn would then allow, in theory, a large proportion of the Turkish population, many who would be Muslims, entry to the UK.

I point this out as many of these 71, 892,808 (July2008) of the Turkish population, a figure that would have surpassed 72 Million by now, a figure the British government should be somewhat nervous about when and if Turkey joins the Federation. Interestingly the population of Turkey in 1994 was 61.2 Million so in 14 years 10 million Turkish babies entered the world, so at that rate by the end of the century the population would have to exceed 100 Million.

Now most intending immigrants from Eurabia would unlikely head for Slovakia, Moldova, Latvia or Lithuania but rather to the UK purely as a result of the generosity of the British Government which is legendary in many parts of the Third World and its effect now strikingly apparent by the demographic make up of many of its towns and cities.

Why our Head of State, Government and Upper Caste Politicians, Judges and Bureaucrats would sell their country to an unelected group of diminutive, silk suited, smooth talking, European political fraudsters who strut the world stage like Peacocks and decide our future disturbs me greatly.

Treason and Sedition are the vehicles that drive the fire sale of this country and the expression that springs to mind is, it is helped by “an inside job”

Eurabia is a ‘concept’ created by a writer called Bat Ye'or. A lot has been written about this concept. Bat Ye'or focused on the rapid transformation of Eastern Christian lands into Islamic territories, concluding that corruption and division among Christians contributed and may even have afforded Islam certain models of legal control of subjugated populations; she suggests that Yugoslavia is an example of the long-term scars of dhimmitude, where Christians were under that status for centuries. Lebanon was once a Christian country but the advance of Islam has changed the cultural and religious face of that country as surely as it will change the face of Europe.

We see this dhimmitude subservience throughout the European countries and our own Government department’s right down the local council level and even observed by the police force. Cultural suicide is another expression that springs easily to mind.

If Eurabia one day encompasses the whole of Europe and a large part of Arabia which might include Egypt then does that mean the acceptance of The Moslem Brotherhood which is at present banned as a political party in Egypt might be accepted in Great Britain, a country which is known to give precedent to all minorities over its own people.

I have a feeling our government and the European architects have not thought this one through. It is a time bomb that one day will explode and we will see the dilution and the final scattering of the European nations.

The relentless march of history has seen this planet witness the displacement of peoples on a massive scale before and the next transformation of Europe is only another minor hiccup and it will be duly noted as just another entry into history’s leather-bound encyclopedias...............Albion