Monday, 10 August 2009

The Daily Mirror, EDL, UAF and the BNP

Sometimes I do not know why I bother to repeat myself. We already know that the Daily Mirror is a lying rag of cat litter floor protection but I suppose I must go through the motions and expose some more of their lies.

In their report of the Battle of Birmingham, in which rampaging mobs of moslems attacked lone white males before robbing them whilst they lay unconscious, the Mirror refers to the completely legal and police authorised protest of British People from all political parties as a demonstration by right wing thugs - they would have liked to have said BNP but did not have the balls to make the lie that big.

Now let us get the truth straight about this. Those protesting about the Islamification of Our Country were not from the British National Party - if they had been, the protest would have been better organised. Neither were the EDL protesters who were surrounded by police involved in the violence, nor did they wish for any violence. They simply wished to protest against the disgusting behaviour of Johnny Come Lately to our shores when we welcome back Our Soldiers. Not their Soldiers. Our Soldiers.

And all those British Patriots wanted was the right to hold a legal and peaceful protest and expected support from all civilised people of all races - not confrontation. They have the right to protest and the police had a duty to protect that right. This duty the police did not fulfil on the orders of their political masters. Shameful cowardice on the part of the police.

Now the UAF, looking for violence and thinking that they might be able to recruit radicalised moslems to the cause of communism send a rumour around that the BNP were at the protest and that they had set fire to one of the many mosques springing up in Birmingham quicker than dandelions in an untended garden.

A deliberate lie that cost many young white males a beating. The UAF leaders, including David Cameron, one of their main apologists should be charged with inciting violence and civil disorder.

But the UAF, always ready to shoot themselves in the foot revealed their pre-planned violent intentions in this article here that you will find most enlightening.
The protest began fairly peacefully, with the UAF leadership trying to lead the crowd in chants and the usual recruiting stalls out. The location seemed to be inviting kettling by the police, being just outside the Waterstones next to the Bullring, and the fact that it was a stationary demonstration meant we were milling around listening to a megaphone for some time. The crowd began to grow restless, wondering where the enemy they had come to confront was.
By half-past, the crowd was angry and ready for confrontation. People from the TUC moving to join the protests were mistaken for the EDL and pelted with sticks. The police, having already surrounded us, began to grow more wary. Small groups of 3 and 4 skinheads were observing us carefully. “They’ve got spotters,” the man next to me warned me. “If they’ve got any brains, they’ll try and surround us, come at us from all directions. Even fascists can figure that one out.” In lieu of any possibility for effective action, the crowd began to half-heartedly throw sticks, signs, and a glass bottle at the police, but fortunately they were stopped before the police were provoked.
Shortly after 6, with no sign of the EDL and mutterings of punctuality being expected of fascists, the crowd tried to surge down New Street towards where the EDL march was starting.
The UAF leadership, perhaps sensing what was coming, had long since disappeared. Any possibility for effective action appeared to have evaporated, at least to my eyes, so around 10 past 7 I was eventually able to slip past police lines and make my way back home.
it appears that the only beneficiaries were the EDL themselves scoring a potential propaganda victory.
I think you all agree where the violence started. As usual with the UAF, their Leaders, with their work done and their tools fired up, ran off home and away from the trouble they had started. Donkeys led by Cowards springs to mind.

Although I would have liked to have seen the TUC guys being pelted with missiles. Really funny that bit.

The Mirror again, either deliberately lies or does not really have a clue. Because they say that the UAF was made up of mainly "Asian" youths. Anyone who follows the UAF knows that the only way they can get a coloured person to turn up to any of their events is to pay them - Draylon Benefit being the exception - he is extremely well paid for his treason.

Now going to try something new to finish off this article. The Chairman of the British National Party made an audio response to the Battle of Birmingham and his take on the new English Defence League.

You can listen to this very interesting talk by clicking somewhere around here.. Warning - will not work for people using the Security Risk and snail browser IE.

My view of the English Defence League is this. I support the right of any organisation to protest and therefore support them whether they want my support or not.