Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The BNP Forum is closed

So the BNP Forum as closed down.  Now if you are one of the many former BNP Forum users who made enquires as to why the Forum was closed and asked when it was coming back, you will have received one of many different replies depending on who you made the enquiry to.  Which reason given was the truth, I have no idea but the same reply to all would have been nice.  Neither was I impressed by the style of some of the replies but that can wait for another time.

Now I believe that the BNP Forum was a very much underrated and under used weapon in our arsenal and not given enough prominence on the main site or promoted enough.  A simple banner the same as on the GA site is all it would have took.

But a BNP Forum was more than just a place to have a moan or to pass on news.  It was the equivalent of a 2nd World War Fighter Sqdns Mess Room.  A place where the members could relax with friends and just gossip.

And now that Mess Room has been knocked down and its former occupants made homeless.  A BIG mistake in my opinion.  Where are they to go?  Stormfront?

Well there is somewhere they can go until the Party realises its mistake and that is the Green Arrow Forum.  They will find a welcome home there.  All they have to remember is that although it is not heavily moderated, the forum will not tolerate attacks on the party, its Chairman or personal smears.

Individual Groups are free to have their own areas with own passwords should they wish.

Politics, like nature abhors a vacuum.  I will occupy that space and provide a facility for BNP members to have their Mess Room until something better for them comes along.

I will shortly be looking for moderators to manage the site.

On other news.  The New Green Arrow site is coming along nicely and that comment moderation has now been added.  Soon the the site will be promoting and supporting the BNP better than ever this blog could ever do

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