Friday, 14 August 2009

BNP Wales are rolling

Dear Green Arrow

Good morning BNP.

Just thought I would let you know that the British National Party Wales are ready to rock and rolling towards the Red, White and Blue.

Yesterday, we sent our advance guard up to secure our Marquee and get everything ready for the arrival of the main Viet Taff force later this morning.

Hope the advance guard had a pleasant evening as reports from the 2nd wave, who stopped off to load up with important supplies (beer, lager, etc), tell me they spend a very pleasant evening drinking whiskey and plotting the overthrow of the government.

I have made all of Wales members attending the RWB leave their first born children with me as hostages to guarantee that I am supplied with regular reports and images from the RWB or else. Us Bloggers can be pretty ruthless when it comes to demanding news.

The image above is of Roger Phillips of West Wales BNP catching up on some emails and sending me the image taken by his cameraman Anthony before setting off to big up some of the troops who are travelling up with them.

The Welsh Marquee is definitely the place to visit if you are going to be at the RWB - and I can assure visitors to their encampment that there is going to be a lot going on all weekend and a warm welcome extended to all who visit.

Hope you guys save me some beer - be with you tomorrow kinsmen.