Monday, 24 August 2009

A message from Dianne Leech BNP

Right we have a lot to cover today guys and I have to be on the road early.

OK, I know you have seen the above video but it helps to remind you of what this article is about. It is about the appeal started by Dianne Leech of the BNP to collect certain items for our troops serving in Afghanistan.

You can read what those items were in this article here.

Dianne as asked me to let you know that should you wish to emulate her in your areas, she can be contacted on her email address should you require any advice. Thank you Dianne, your self imposed work is what being a British National Party activist is all about.

Whilst here, it is worth mentioning the recent affairs in South Wales, where a postmaster refused to send parcels to a soldier serving in Afghanistan as it raises an interesting point.

Roger Phillips of Patriot Products, who is also a BNP organiser pointed out to me the security risk involved for families who send parcels to their sons serving in Afghanistan.

My understanding of sending a parcel is that you include the senders address on the back of the parcel. I think this is something the Party should look into as the last thing we want if for British Soldiers having to worry about their families at home as well as the enemy in front of them.

With regards to the postmaster Mr Khan, there is a new group on Facebook called "Send Mr Khan to prison for refusing to handle mail for serving soldiers."
A post office in cardiff run by a muslim has not only refused to send a parcel to a serving soldier in Afghanistan but also banned the soldiers mother from cashing her money at his shop, We believe this is an illegal act and that mr khan should have his British citizenship removed and be immediately deported from OUR country. We ask that all group members cascade this information to the press and media and write to your MP complaining of this anti-British behaviour.

UPDATE- The police are now investigating thanks to public pressure, For those posting here we understand the emotions on this issue are running high but please refrain from threatening or abusive postings. In reply to the UAF/Left wing people accusing Mrs Davies of being a racist we would like to point out the fact that her grandfather was a Black immigrant to Cardiff

So if you agree with what they say and are on Facebook you can join the group by following this link.

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