Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Trevor Phillips Declares War on BNP!

Arch-leftwing Lenin-admirer Trevor Phillips and his gang of tax-eating jobsworths have started legal proceedings against the British National Party over our long-held and cherished "British-only" membership policy.

Despite the fact that our existing membership criteria has been in force for nearly 30 years, the absurdly named "Equalities" Commission has only just decided that our reasonable, legal and totally understandable membership rules are "illegal" and contrary to the "Race Relations Act".

The BNP and their Chairman Nick Griffin are resolved to fight this nonsense with every resource and every drop of energy available. The reason that the Equalities Commission has decided to pick a fight with the BNP now is because of our recent success in the European Elections. It is a politically motivated action that they hope will destroy our movement. We will not allow this to happen!

The treacherous British media and political establishment have become panic-stricken over our inexorable march into the political mainstream. They have tried every trick in the book to halt our growing success. Now they are resorting to fake legal warfare against us just before the coming of the General Election.

What is most sickening regarding this latest attempt to destroy Britain's patriotic political alternative is the stinking hypocrisy that accompanies it! There exists in Britain hundreds, possibly thousands, of organisations that cater for and advocate the interests of their own racial, religious or ethnic groups. None of these groups have drawn any opprobrium from the 'race relations' industry. The only ethnic organisation Phillips has attacked is the British National Party, which fights for the rights of the native British people.

The fightback starts today! Below you will find a long, but partial, list of ethnic-minority organisations that exist to promote the interests of their own kind. We need you to do the following:

Link this article to everyone in your address book to point out the outrageous travesty that is taking place and to alert their attention to the huge number of ethnic-minority organisations that are similar, if not identical, to the BNP.

Copy the list below and visit the website, www.writetothem.com, and write a personal letter to your local councillor, MP, MEP, MSP, or your Northern Ireland, Welsh or London Assembly Member, pointing out the stinking hypocrisy of the latest attempt to destroy the BNP.

  • Black Police Association
  • Black Londoners Forum
  • Black Information Link
  • Operation Black Vote
  • Muslim Council of Britain
  • Black Heritage Organisation
  • The Voice - newspaper
  • Board Of Deputies of British Jews
  • Jewish Telegraph
  • The Black Police association
  • Black people's mental health association
  • Black and Asian therapists online
  • National BME mental health network
  • Federation of Black housing organizations
  • The Black Londoners forum
  • Positive action in Housing
  • Asianfaces.co.uk,Asian modelling service
  • Society of Black lawyers
  • Society of Asian lawyers
  • BlackLawyersDirectory.com
  • asianjobsite.co.uk
  • BlackandAsiangrad.ac.uk
  • Ethnic media Group
  • Al-Nisa Muslim Women's Group
  • Al-Nur Muslim Women's Association
  • Antrim Chinese Community Association
  • Barnardos Chinese Lay Health Project
  • Chinese Welfare Association
  • BlackBritain.co.uk
  • EthnicBritain.co.uk
  • Sussex Black police Association
  • The National Black Writers and Artist Association
  • Black students Association
  • UK Black teachers Association
  • Black UK online
  • UK Asian business directory
  • Asian People's Disability alliance
  • Asian arts agency
  • Black Enterprise awards
  • BlackEngineer.com
  • Natwest Bank (Asian Entrepreneurs Unit)
  • Asian Voice
  • Black training and enterprise group
  • UK Black Pride
  • Ethnic Minority Foundation
  • Oshwal Elderly Welfare Association
  • Ethnic Minority and Black Regional Action for Community Empowerment (EMBRACE)
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Elders Group
  • Latin American elderly project
  • The Black Fundraisers Network
  • Black Arts Alliance
  • Southall Black Sisters Black student union
  • Dudley Black regeneration council
  • Black Professional Events
  • Black Health Agency
  • National Association for the advancement of Black people
  • African Caribbean Development agency (ACDA)
  • African caribbean education and training services (ACETS)
  • Afrik-African International Network
  • Asian mens group
  • Somerset Black development agency (SBDA)
  • Black families education support group