Saturday, 8 August 2009

Get used to this because it is going to get worse

You better get used to images like these. In fact you had better get used to a lot of things because the world as you know it is going to change. This is what happened in Birmingham today.

Kosovo is coming and then you will have to make a simple choice about who you stand with. Your people or the invaders.

Reports have reached me that the communist organisation Searchlight were "assisting" the police and that the Claw Hammer Gang of the UAF were standing with the moslem invaders.

Police had vowed to deal robustly with anyone acting outside the law

Yeah. Let's have this guy. Easier than going after the moslems
"It started off with a group of white guys who were chanting 'England, England'. I thought they were just football fans, but then a larger group of black and Asian people turned up and it all kicked off.

"You had people burning the Union flag. People were being kicked - some of them weren't anything to do with the protests.

"It all seemed to be very systematic - groups were arriving in cars and getting involved in the violence.

"It really wasn't nice to see and I hope I never see it again."

This is what they do to Our Flag and Our People

You are a bit late now cop. Never mind the action is over so you
can pose for the camera now