Saturday, 8 August 2009

A peaceful and succesful event

Brighton Shame
A real family event

I did wonder last week when I wrote about the Emergency (what a laugh) Services having a tea party whilst watching a man possibly drown in 18" of water, whether or not they were trying to keep their uniforms clean for a special occasion.

An occasion perhaps like last weeks annual Gay Pride in Brighton - a weekend of fun, fisting and fellatio where anything goes except public decency.

But thankfully all went well and according Police Superintendent Steve (big boy) Whitton, it was a "peaceful and successful event with very few isolated incidents".

Well if Steve thinks that over 20 reported arrests for drug offences and over 400 people taken to local hospitals Accident and Emergency rooms is a successful event, God only knows how he would describe the British National Party's annual Red, White and Blue, where in the nine years that it has been held, there have been no arrests, no one rushed to hospital and certainly no 13 year old children having to have a breathing tube shoved down their throats after they have stopped breathing, as happened at the Brighton Pride Festival.

Incidentally this child, was not questioned or taken into protective custody but allowed to return to the weekend street party once he had recovered consciousness. Let us hope he did not fall pray to one of the many predatory homosexuals who were no doubt wandering the streets, hungry for little chickens.

Amazing isn't it though, how a local council can stop caravans going onto private land, refuse a drinks licence to mature, responsible adults, adults who will be no burden on the local rate and tax payers and yet in another part of the country thousands of men are falling down drunk, being arrested for drugs and costing local rate payers a fortune in having to be rushed to hospital.