Wednesday, 25 February 2009

When push comes to shove

During the American Presidential elections, 95% of the "Black" vote went to the mixed race Barack Obama. Nothing to do with party polices just colour of skin.

We saw the same in the OJ Simpson trial when from the evidence presented, thinking people saw through his lies and knew his guilt, most black people said he was innocent. The truth and weight of evidence had nothing to do with it. Again just colour of skin.

And Harriet Harman obviously understands how the "enrichers" minds work.

Realising that the only way now for Labour to cling to power is to get the votes of the Blacks and Asians, she is touring the country in a Campaign Bus to ensure that the colonisers and enrichers are registered to vote in the June elections.

"The stakes could not be higher – democracy simply doesn't work unless people can exercise their vote. Every vote counts."
And Labours idea of democracy is too flood Our Country with immigrants and grant illegals amnesty, so they also can vote against the True British People and vote for more of their kind to pour in and destroy us.

If you are a True Brit, then make sure you and your family are registered to vote because this time, push really has come to shove and the BNP needs every vote it can get.


Anonymous said...

Harman and Keith Vaz - the usual suspects up to their tricks again.

This NuLabour Black and Asian 'Vote early - vote often!' campaign needs to get MUCH more publicity - among the white working class.

Keith in Brum said...

I should imagine that Maggie Thatcher only got to be Prime Minister because 99.9% of the women of votable age voted Con.

Again, nothing to do with politics, the novelty of have a woman as PM was hard to resist.

Then look what happened!

Anonymous said...

Anyone not voting BNP needs their bumps felt. With a bit of luck,lab supporters will desert them, the Brits to the BNP, the enrichers to respect or some muslim party. ZaNuLab need to be consigned to the dustbin of history,and their leaders need locking up and assets sequestrated.