Saturday, 27 January 2007

Welsh Assembly Election - May, 2007.

Wales BNP is standing a record number of candidates in the Welsh Assembly election this May. They are going to ensure that everyone in Wales will be able to vote BNP. However, if they are going to be able to produce and deliver some 1,200,000 election leaflets (one to every household in Wales), raise the deposits needed and cover the costs of an election campaign, they desperately need funding right now.

I therefore appeal directly to every member, supporter, sympathiser and friend in Wales to urge you all to send whatever you can afford to the Welsh Assembly Election Fund. Thank you.

You can read more and donate here.

If for some reason you are unable to join or be active in the coming fight for our land, then donate, donate and then donate again. Information and facts are the weapons in this war and the B.N.P. needs to get that information to the electorate. Donate.