Thursday, 1 February 2007

The Elastic Band of British Tolerance

I sometimes think that the Great British people combined are like a strong, giant piece of elastic. No matter how much the elastic is stretched and pulled away from its original shape and otherwise abused by the world, it always springs back into its original form.

Until now that is. Now I suspect that the weight of abuse placed upon this heroic band of elastic is becoming very close to causing it to sunder and when it does, all the burdens hung from it it will tumble into the abyss. The burden of Immigration, the burden of cheap labour, the burden on our jails, the burdens on health and education and the support of illegal wars. Stretching and stretching and stretching the British Tolerance.

Well the band is about to snap and when it does the U.K. will be a better place. All these burdens on the Great British subjects will be gone and the elastic band will spring back to its original shape. Maybe a tad smaller but definitely healthier and fitter.

But something else will also happen. An elastic band that is stretched so cruelly, that it finally snaps will recoil on the people who stretched it. I imagine that when the British Band does snap the recoil on the rotating dictatorship of the Tory and Labour Parties will be along the lines of the Nuremberg War Crimes trials. I can only hope that the sentences will be as severe.

Join Nick Griffin and the B.N.P. in releasing the burden on the Great British People.

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