Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Students' BNP interview prompts death threats

One thing you can always count on the red fascists to scream, is either stamp on the BNP, crush the BNP or deny the BNP a platform. Always destroy - always crush - never discuss - never mind democracy. So long as you scream the loudest, you must be right! Right? Of course not.

When faced with a chance to actually debate with Mr Nick Griffin, Chairman of the B.N.P. at Oxford University Student Union's Oxide Radio later this week, they resorted to type and issued death threats to the presenters of the show.
Understandably the show has been cancelled and although these red fascists think they have won a battle they have actually suffered a major defeat. Watching their antics will have been budding Nick Griffins (A Cambridge man by all accounts) who value freedom of speech and who will visit the B.N.P. website and hopefully join the resistance. Another own goal for the red brigade. You can read more here. You can visit the Chairman's Blog here.


Anonymous said...

These spineless leftie reds just can't help showing who the REAL fascists are, can they? They advocate 'free speech', but only on their terms. Are we suprised?? NO !!!

kahaneloyalist said...

I think you underestimate the Left, while they will tolerate dissent so long as it is not a serious threat to their power once a Nationalist has a serious chance of taking the reigns of leadership they will go to any lengths to stop them. Including banning "extremeist" parties. I think its only a question of time till Labor decides to ban the BNP.

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