Saturday, 3 February 2007

The contempt of the Sheep people.

The photo says it all really. Contempt. Contempt for the photographer and contempt for our way of life. Let us be quite clear about this. They hate us. Read what one of their preachers had to say yesterday here.

"The ultimate goal of every Muslim is to establish Sharia law over the whole Earth," he says. "It is a superior way of life and every Muslim living in the UK has an obligation to call for Sharia law to be implemented.

"We believe in jihad, which literally means to struggle. It is not allowed for a Muslim to obey a man-made system of laws that is prone to errors.

"Sharia law is a perfect system of divine law and order that the whole world should live under.

"Everything you have in the West is wrong. We should be in charge over you. If Sharia law prevailed, it would change everything.

"Alcohol would be outlawed and it would be illegal for any woman to leave the house unless she had her whole body and head covered. Everything would change for the better - it is sadly and badly needed."

Any true Brit who does not see the storm clouds on the horizon is living in cloud cuckoo land. There is no longer a Defender of the Faith. There is however a defender of our nation. The B.N.P. Join the fight back and join the resistance here.


Anonymous said...

I read an interesting couple of paragraphs in the South Wales Argus last wednesday (31/1). Mike Buckingham ran a page titled "Only the government is confused by 'British'".

He says "When the romans left britain in 410AD their saxon mercenaries signalled their fellows living in what is now Germany, Southern Denmark, The Frisian Islands and the Rhine Estuary that an opportiunity for colonisation existed"

It set me thinking. Go read the article, it's good.

Fans of multiculturalism say we are a mongrel race, built up from dozens of invading peoples who colonised these islands over the centuries. Really ? Are you sure about that ?

Almost all the "invasions" of this island state were down to the same ethnic group of mostly germanic and danish tribes, - and then there's the normans. Now they were actually "les hommes du nord", literally "the men of the north", and I'm carrying their mitochondrial DNA right now.

"Les Hommes Du Nord" were vikings who came south and found a taste for french wine and women, took both at swordpoint, and whose descendants signed on with one William Of Normandy as military consultants in 1066.

REMEMBER the fact that all three would-be successors to the english throne vacated in 1064 - Harold Godwinson, Harald Haardradre AND William of Normandy had an EQUAL (and equally tenuous) claim to it.

If Harold Godwinson had not force-marched his men south after a stunning victory at Stamford Bridge then the meat of the cow would now be called RindFleisch, not boeuf, but the DNA of those living here now would be the same as yours and mine. And so would the skin, eye and hair colour.

If you are around 50 or older (and I'm 49) then to be born in The United Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland meant you were born in the land of the white christian. To suggest otherwise was insane fallacy. And at that time we still (just about) had an EMPIRE. To suggest otherwise would get you thrown out of the pub.

To those born at that time, A THOROUGH understanding of BRITISH History, the economic, social and political histoty of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, of the achieveents of the British Empire and those who propelled that empire to greatness awaited you at school, NOT because it was dogma, but because it was the plain and simple honest truth.

It is a shame that such things are not taught any more. It would be useful to have it explained to our children that THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between those who fled from Idi Amin's Uganda and those who now pop across the channel from Sangatte.

The difference is that those forced to flee from Idi Amin were sons and daughters of people sent there in the first place by King George VI, King and Emperor, and sent to run OUR EMPIRE IN AFRICA on his behalf and for his benefit.

Anonymous said...

These dangerous people meet every Friday in mosques around the UK and Europe and plot jihad against our people. Blair Cameron and the BBC know this, they allow it and they stop by force of Law anyone reporting it or speaking openly against the Terror schools in every town village and City in the UK.
Its called Friday prayers and its where the enemy organises.

LionHeart said...

Keep 'Warning' of the impending strom Green Arrow...

God bless


Anonymous said...

There are some VERY interesting insights into these questions if you know where to look.

For example, if you go and read the whole article, you will find THIS comment.

"The punishments under Sharia law are tough, but they do stop crime. If you know you are going to be stoned or beheaded for adultery, you don't commit adultery."

Which sounds fair enough.

Except that in a Sharia court, a woman's evidence is weighed as being worth only half that of a man's.

Which means an islamic man can have a pretty good time provided he doesn't get carried away and have three women at once with the other two watching. On the other hand, bring a couple of your mates and you can have a pretty wild gang bang and nothing wil be done because the evidence will be weighed according to this 2 for 1 scale.

The system of justice in england and wales is often condemned for its low rate of successful prosecution of sex crimes. Can someone tell me how well the high court in Teheran is doing ?

However, I have always considered it unwise to condemn the sons of Esau without also taking a glance askew at the sons of Jacob. After all, the Torah and "The Meaning Of The" Koran come from roughly the same period. And what do we see find ? The offence of adultery is defined as a man having sexual relations with another man's wife. It is the violation of another man's property that brings down the wrath of the jewish faith's justice system. Not the violation of the woman, who, as Paul the Apostle said, should look to their husbands for an opinion on all matters.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Go take a look here to get a line on sharia law's views on what to do with errant women.

brownie said...

totally agree!! these messages should be promoted to every one around the UK... we need to unite and stand firm and its tiem for us to defend our country our children and our country .. lets evict teh intruders .. lets start in luton..