Monday, 12 February 2007

We do this for Allah - And our 72 Virgins

I think it is time for a little poetry but to read the poem in question, we have to take a trip to Highest Fidelity out in the U.S.A. Read the poem here. Especially if your a Muslim.

Read it? So what do you think?

A quick note to our Welsh Supporters - the forum wars in Wales have started. Join me in the fight at ICWales. I could also do with some support at The UK Debate site. Lets not give them a walkover. Remember- Engage the enemy more closely.

Whilst here jump over to Infidel Bloggers Alliance and read about the latest attack on freedom of speech. Leave them a comment to show that at least some of us still have a backbone.


Highest Infidelity said...

Well, Yee-Haa! and Howdy from Texas!

I just got on the computer here, and been working a little at my blog, and then I start looking around and come here and Whoa! My brand new blog made the headlines! Thank you, it's an honor.

A friend of mine sent me that poem. He did not write it. Someone sent it to him. We don't know who wrote it.

But you jihadis: KNOW THAT I POSTED IT. I wish I were smart enough to write it. Maybe I'll try my hand at writing a little something, or maybe I'll draw a cartoon.

Maybe I'll draw me a picture of your virgin-rapin', child-molestin', camel-thievin', holier-than-thou prophet.

Then again, maybe I won't, but bet yer one-way ticket to Allah on this, jihadis, I can out-draw you! And so can my boys AND MY GIRLS! My older daughter can put a 30-30 round through a rat's bee-hind at fifty yards; and there's not one of you jihadis smaller than a rat! You want to rape an infidel? She'll cut it off, if you're lucky. If you're not lucky, I'll be dancin' with ya.

Hey, Green Arrow, I'm gonna link to ya partner.

Highest Infidelity said...

Hey, I just went over to that post at IBA and gave 'em a history lesson. Let me know what you think!


religion of pieces said...


Mobilize the Blogosphere!

Counter-jihadist bloggers must not abandon this young man. Cambridge University is trying to hush things up, probably to avoid interrupting the flow of petrodollars rather than protecting the student from any more death threats in addition to the ones he's had from the University and City Muslims (town and gown Muzzies united!)

When everything has quietened down, the student is likely to be hauled before a Kangaroo Court - the Clare College Court of Discipline, which will meet for the "first time in living memory" (do they still conduct their trials in Latin?).

He is likely to be charged with 'Racial Incitement' (Yes I know Islam isn't a race - but try explaining that to a Cambridge professor). He will be given a fair trial and then expelled.

The two other possible charges are 'Blasphemy' and 'Bringing the College into Disrepute'. The former is extremely dodgy because blasphemy has historically only applied to the Christian religion.

As for ' Bringing the College into Disrepute' , it could be argued that the spineless dhimmified College dons have done far more damage to its reputation by grovelling before the threat of Mohammedan thuggery than has the student. Counter- jihadists may choose to put this view to the Clare College authorities.

Clare College has obviously many moonbats in its ancient belfry - their first reaction on seeing the cartoon was to call the police! In this environment a fair trial is impossible.

It is likely that the Kangaroo Court will be a travesty of justice and will sit in private with the student not being allowed representation or to call supporting testimony (Contrast with the very similar Charlie Hebdo case in France).

The judge and jury will no doubt consist of those sneering postmodernists, Marxists and politically correct jobsworths who detest and work to undermine the very civilization that supports these parasites in the style to which they are accustomed.

Islamically-aware bloggers need to send out the message loud and clear that it is every Briton's birthright - and indeed every Briton's patriotic duty - to ridicule the three totems of the barbarians.

Islam is an absurd and primitive belief system - philosophically, theologically and cosmologically (the sun setting in muddy spring etc).

However, it is impossible to defeat Islam by rational argument, because most Muslims are profoundly irrational and ignorant. They are primitive tribalists who have no understanding of logically reasoned discourse. But like all tribalists they are acutely sensitive to their totems being dishonoured. This, as Ali Sina pointed out [1] , is where they are at their must vulnerable. They cannot tolerate their totems being mocked .

THE FIRST TOTEM which we should ridicule is the one and only foundation of this Satanic cult, that depraved violater of innocence, the monstrous Pervert Mohammed himself. The original Danish Motoons were actually quite mild compared with what was to follow [2]. The Clare college student is to be congratulated in bringing his fellow undergraduates' attention to the intrinsically violent nature and institutionalised pedophilia of those who model themselves on Mohammed's sick psychotic personality.

THE SECOND TOTEM which we should ridicule is the basic doctrine of Islam. The foundational belief of Islam is that Allah is a brothel-keeper [3] and Mohammed is his ponce, and you get to screw 72 virgins and bugger 24 pretty pre-pubescent boys in Allah's brothel in the sky if you kill enough infidels. If bloggers can make this doctrine into a standing joke we've gone a long way towards destroying Islam.

THE THIRD TOTEM of Islam is the koran - Mohammed's murderous hate manifesto . Mohamedans are acutely sensitive to the book being 'humiliated' in any way (like being put on the bottom shelf in a bookshop - it should always be on the top shelf next to the porn). There are many ways of humiliating a koran, and infidels are encouraged to find novel approaches. You don't even need to vandalise or deface the book. Returning it to the college library containing that greasy bacon wrapper which you were using as a bookmark should cause a major riot.

Finally, to repeat my main message. We need to let the snivelling dhimmis at Brown-nose college know that the bloggers are watching them like hawks.


[1] Why mocking Islam is so effective:

[2] More Motoons
Mo the filthy child molester...

[3] Taking the piss out of Islam. 72 virgins and 24 boys with liquid brown eyes....