Sunday, 25 February 2007

How they keep us divided

Interesting cartoon isn’t it. However it does reveal a few things about the state of our Country today and also how the parasites at the trough of public money govern us.

Take the smoking issue. By banning it in Pubs and Clubs they are turning fellow citizen against fellow citizen and costing people their jobs. Apart from the new “Smoke Police”, another few thousand bought labour voters to bleed us dry.

The British are a tolerant people – if people wish to kill themselves by smoking, whilst at the same time paying huge sums on money in tax then let them. In the old days Pubs and Clubs had smoking rooms – let’s have them again and if you are a non smoker with strong feelings on the subject stay in the no smoking area. If you’re a smoker then stay out of the Non Smoking areas or face a big fine. But let us be tolerant with each other. There are much bigger issues. Dirty hospitals will kill you quicker.

They have divided and diverted us.

Then we have the Speed Cameras. Everywhere. Concealed, revealed and operated by overweight policemen leaping out in front of vehicles waving their “gun” at you to rob you and perhaps even deprive you of your job.

People who “really” use the roads and motorways have no objections to speed cameras in appropriate places, You know where - but to use them for raising money and showing us who the “bosses” are, just turns us against each other and them.

They have divided and diverted us.

There are of course many other issues – that they use to divide and divert us whilst letting us know who our Masters are. Remember what George Orwell wrote in his excellent book 1984 about the way the world was heading:-

“the future of mankind? Think of a jackboot stamping a human face, forever”.

Well that is it. That is their future for us. You can help prevent it for you, your children, grandchildren and fellow man by clicking on one of the links to the right and making a donation. In this war the ammunition is information and the BNP activists are going to need huge amounts in the coming elections. Donate, donate and then donate again. Support the British National Party.

My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.

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