Sunday, 25 February 2007

Labour try gerrymandering

"They've opened the floodgates to try and 'beat the BNP by demographics' as John Cruddas put it. Several of our many Irish voters have told me that it's gerrymandering as naked and blatant as anything that used to go on to deny local democracy to Catholics in Northern Ireland. It's a disgrace."

Where is this happening? You can get the full story over at Central News. Go check it out and see how Labour politicians are more concerned with keeping power and their pay cheques then their country's future. This on top of the postal ballot scandal shows they will stop at nothing to win. Be prepared for their dirty tricks to start rolling down the slipway the closer we get to May. Vote for Victory - Vote for the British National Party.

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.

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pissed off enough to vote bnp said...


Massive housing demand from rapidly immigrating and breeding Muzbots has made private housing unnaffordable and council housing unnattainable for British working class couples in urban areas.

Middle class white flight from Muslim-infested cities has increased property prices in rural areas beyond the abilities of local young people to buy.

Hence decent British people can't afford to have children whereas welfare-parasites breed like cockroaches.

Whole areas of British cities have become unsafe for women and children due to sexual harassment.

Rape gangs and pedophile gangs operate with impunity.

National Health Service overwhelmed by Muslims with genetic disorders and mental illness caused by generations of cousin marriage.

Huge strain on educational system due to influx of illiterate inbred Muslims.

Institutionalised bullying of Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Chinese and Jewish children in state schools.

Cash-strapped Local Education Authorities forced to pay massively inflated prices to Muslim slaughtermen for Halal meat.

Enormous drain on taxpayers caused by welfare parasites who think that Kaffirs owe them a living.

Constant fear of being blown up on public transport.

Erosion of civil liberties and crippling costs of security to protect us from these vermin.

Huge areas of British cities are no-go areas.

Drug dealing, prostitution, protection rackets and all manner of scams designed to parasitise the Kuffaars.

European national identities being destroyed by unholy alliance of Muslim Ummah and petrodollar-bribed Eurocrats.

School children being deprived of their cultural heritage due to Muzbot demands to ban singing, music, drama, history, piglet, Christmas etc.