Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Kelly targets far-right groups

The Government is stepping up its fight against the "myths and misconceptions" promoted by far-right groups like the British National Party, Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly said and if you wish to read the spin on immigration then you could go here. I have taken the liberty of editing it to provide the truth which is published below and is the Green Arrow response to her rubbish.

Green Arrow is stepping up his fight against the "myths and misconceptions" promoted by the Tri-Axis of Evil, i.e., Labour, Liberal and Conservative Parties .He accused far-left extremists of promoting violence and division by peddling in falsehoods about Britain's multi-racial society.

Green Arrow said strong leadership was needed to correct these untruths spread by "poisonous" extremist groups.

He said this would be particularly important during election campaigns, such as last year's local authority polls when the BNP doubled its number of councilors to 52 which was a wonderful day for the hardworking, patriotic activists of the B.N.P and a victory for freedom of speech and democracy.

Green Arrow was speaking in response to the launch of a new report highlighting English language skills as the key to helping immigrants integrate successfully into British society that was produced at massive expense to the ever paying British Taxpayer.

The interim report by the Commission on Integration and Cohesion floated proposals to require spouses from overseas to pass an English test before joining their husbands or wives in the UK. Green Arrow suggested that it would be better and cheaper for the United Kingdom if immigrants were to rejoin their husbands and wives in their own countries. He added that there is in fact already a scheme in place to assist in aiding immigrants with return to their countries of origin. Any pensions, etc could also be paid to them there also.

And it suggested that translation services for migrants should be scaled back to allow a greater focus on English language tuition. Green Arrow says that this does not go far enough and the whole service should be discontinued. If immigrants to this country required assistance with language and were unable to afford a translation service then it should be provided by charities - all be it misguided ones.

Green Arrow indicated support for the Commission's argument that translation services should not be allowed to become a "crutch" and we should be removing the need for migrants to learn the language of their new home by returning them to their old home as soon as possible.

And he said he would "study carefully" their other recommendations when he is informed of the final report later this year.

But he said of the launch, at Charlton Athletic Football Club in south-east London, that efforts to help newcomers return to their countries of origin must go hand-in-hand with a struggle against the far-lefts to "win the votes and minds" of communities from all racial backgrounds who seek the destruction of the United Kingdom as we know it.

There is no room for complacency if Britain is to achieve the emergence of a patriotic political figure like Jean-Marie Le Pen in France or Joerg Haider in Austria, he warned and went on to say that Nick Griffin would make a superb Prime Minister one day.

Extremists Tri-Axis members are targeting both traditional white communities and violent ethnic minority groups said Green Arrow and some of these politicians have been involved in Postal Balloting Fraud which seems to be an accepted practice amongst these immigrant colonies.

"It is these traditional white communities that B.N.P. patriots are determined to alert through the revelations of truth," he said.

"The B.N.P. is still with us, still patriotic. Their policies are as acceptable and sensible now as they have always been. He reminded readers that London in the 1930s was predominantly white until the communists with the aid of mass immigration managed to start the practice called "White Flight.

"And they, the B.N.P., continue to grow because the overwhelming majority of British people now accept the truth in their message. But we all have a duty to remain vigilant in exposing the evil of the Tri-Axis.

"And it is because of this that I am determined to achieve a step change in this traitorous Government's and help replace it with the patriotic B.N.P


shieldwall said...

I cannot wait to see THEIR faces when we have the next massive BNP victory,it is inevitable.

BFB said...

"Commission on Integration and Cohesion.. "

That's Orwellian 'Newspeak' for "You is a multicultural mongrel, with it!"

I'd rather die!

"If you can't beat 'em, DIE FIGHTING 'em."