Monday, 26 February 2007

Daily Mirror spreads Disease

The Daily Mirror – remember it? Well, the down market tabloid as printed an article about Richard Barnbrook of the British National Party contracting Tuberculosis.

Understandably Councillor Barnbrook is a little peeved about this, but with their usual flair, the red rag scream. Barnbrook, 46, ranted: "Yes I have got TB. Immigration has caused this." - And he may well be right. It is difficult to go anywhere in our nation now without bumping into someone from Asia or Africa – both countries with a very high rate of the “White Death”.

The “newspaper” then goes on to blame everyone and everything for the rise of T.B. except the real one. Immigration.

They then list the following facts – I have taken the liberty to comment under each.

D.M.- TUBERCULOSIS was NEVER wiped out in Britain, despite doctors finding an antibiotics cure more than 50 years ago.

Now that would be right when you consider, that is around the time that we opened the gates to immigration and invited the disease in. The only way to stop a sink overflowing is turn of the tap.

D.M.- CASES here have never fallen below 5,000 a year. Half of all TB diagnosed is in British people that were born in the UK.

In England 60% of cases are in ethnic minority groups, which comprise only 5% of the population.

They then go on to list more of the same. Still playing down the link with immigration and even more dangerous for the population – how serious the problem is.

Ask yourself this. Who do you belief? The Daily Mirror with its hidden agenda or the World Health Organisation who have taken the unique step of declaring tuberculosis to be a world emergency.

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