Thursday, 8 February 2007

Christians are Pigs - Jews are Monkeys

As the Balkanisation of the United Kingdom continues daily, let no future historian write that we were not warned.
An Islamic school in East Acton, funded by Saudi Arabia has admitted using textbooks that refer to Christians as pigs and the Jews as monkeys.

The truth has been revealed as the result of a former teacher at the school, a Mr Cook, claiming he was dismissed last December after blowing the whistle on the school for covering up cheating by children in their GCSE exams.

He also claimed that the school taught that Judaism and Christianity were "worthless" religions and that children at the school praised 9/11 and the murderer Osama bin Laden.

Now there are two versions of this story that you can read. This one which I believe or the second here at the B.B.C. which is their usual apologist rubbish. Have they no pride or shame?

If your read the B.B.C. story, I ask you to remember that the Koran tells Muslims that it is perfectly OK to lie to the infidels. If you can accept that fact then it follows that a school that lies can also condone and assist their cheating students.

This is why the Crusades were fought centuries ago -- to curtail a religion which is so dishonorable it cannot be believed on any count.

Come on Britain - WAKE UP.

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Highest Infidelity said...

The Muslims are allowed to lie to us infidels. It's something call al-taqqiya. Of course they're not gonna talk straight!

Saudi Arabia is the connection here. It's Wahhabi Islam (did I spell that right?) they ain't got no use for Christians, Jews, Hindus. They ain't even got no use for Muslims who aren't Wahhabis! I saw a post about that somewhere, but I don't recall where. Basically though, Muhammad was a cutthroat, but the Wahhabis are worse. They kill their fellow Muslims. Even Muslims aren't safe around them.

The funny thing is, say you're a Wahhabi yourself. All you gotta do is get outa line, and they declare you an infidel, and kill you too. If we could just confine them all somewhere on an island together, they'd kill each other, and problem solved.

By the way, something I found out about the Crusades: The Muslims started it! And, after the Christians stopped, the Muslims continued it. And, they're doing it again now. That's what Jihad is all about. The crusades were a brief answer to jihad.

Maybe it's time for another crusade.

Keep up the good work!