Saturday, 17 February 2007

Defeat Islam in Three Easy Steps

The Prophet of Doom, that excellent site that as been ringing the alarm bells for the west now for several years and keeps track of Islamic Terrorist attacks, has buried within its pages, a three point plan for what he believes is the best way of stopping Islamic Terrorism completely. He uses the word America but remember this was written some time before we in the U.K. started to wake up to our danger.

Here are the three points followed by a link to the appropriate page.

Point One: Come to know and rely upon God. Yahweh alone is the source of the enlightenment; discernment, compassion and courage Americans need to confront the most deceitful, destructive, and deadly foe to ever infect the minds of men. Without this foundation, without His perspective, without his judgmental view, there will be no victory over evil. America needs an accurate map and a repaired moral compass. Without these, the nation will continue to shoot itself in the foot.

Point Two: Come to understand and then boldly condemn the enemy: Islam. The terrorists haven't corrupted their religion, Islam has corrupted them. The religion of submission cannot survive an open and honest discussion of its convoluted and foolish scriptures, its sexually perverted terrorist prophet, or its deceitful and demented god. When Western leaders become unified and resolute in their hostility to Islam's violent and ungodly beginnings, Muslims will flee the religion because they will be horrified by its endorsement of terrorism, mass murder, slave trading, plunder, kidnapping, and rape.

Point Three: Take control of OPEC crude to stop the manufacture of Islamic terrorists. Since there has never been a viable economy in any Islamic nation, since tyranny is expensive, and since without tyranny there is no indoctrination, by cutting off the crude spigot, every Islamic regime will fall, and with them so will Islamic terrorism. The Islamic fiefdoms are all maintained by the funds they receive directly or indirectly from black ooze.

After you have read the rest of the article then I honestly recommend reading a free novel called “Tea with Terrorists” also on the site. Would make a great film actually but I doubt whether any producer in the West would have the nerve to produce it.

Well there we have it – one man’s thoughts on a solution to our problem.

Remember there is only one political party that says what it means and means what it says. Which one? You know which one. The B.N.P.


Nikola said...

Hes right about the moral compass. I think a massive positive to all the problems that Europe is going through with Islam is that it could come through the whole nightmare spiritually refreshed. People are finally examining their own traditions and nominal religion so as to compare it to Islam. This will lead to many people rediscovering the spiritual roots of this continent.

Highest Infidelity said...

The oil is a big factor. The Saudis have been big about using petrodollars to fund the Islamic University of Medina, and they have students there from all over the world. Petrodollars also finance their mosques around the world.

I saw somewhere, a blogger pointed out that the Saudis need our money more than we need their oil. You can get oil from elsewhere, but none of those sheiks has any idea how to earn an honest living. Besides which, they'd have a hell of a time getting their oil through a naval blockade.

Maybe a better option is seize their oil fields, and put their profits in a special account. They don't get the money until they shut down that University in Medina and change the preaching in their mosques. Hold them over an oil barrel for a change.

Anyway... Good post!

Sudden Islamophobia Syndrome said...


Sudden Jihad syndrome is when a single Muslim, or small group of Muslims, suddenly and with little or no warning go into Jihad mode. The victims are kaffirs attacked at random.

The main characteristics of SJS attacks are that:

- There is no central planning - they are totally spontaneous.

- The victims are unknown to the Jihadists.

- They are unreported or underreported in the MSM, with even the most horrendous cases seldom being reported beyond the local press.

- The MSM usually attempt to conceal the attackers' religion.

- If the the attackers are obviously Muslim then the MSM deny that this is of relevance.

Known SJS attacks to date (and given the attitude of the MSM there may be many more which are unknown) are listed below.

FEB 1997 Palestinian Muslim opened fire on the observation deck of Empire State Building, killing a tourist and injuring six other people before committing suicide -

NOV 1999 Muslim pilot mutters prayer then smashes plane into ocean killing all aboard. -

NOV 2003 Charlene Downes (March 25, 1989 - on or after November 1, 2003) was a teenager from Blackpool, Great Britain, who was murdered at age of 14. Charlene disappeared on November 1, 2003. She has never been seen since then and her body has not been found. In March 2006 two Muslims were charged with her murder. These two Muslims were owners of a takeaway restaurant, and a local newspaper reported that they cut up and disposed body of their victim in the food sold at the restaurant. Far right organisations in Britain criticised the mainstream media for suppressing the information about the murder because the two accused men are foreign born (from Jordan and Iran). -

MAR 2004 15 year old Kris Donald abducted at random by Muslims. He sustained internal injuries to three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and a kidney, his eyes were gouged out and he was castrated, he was finally doused in petrol, set on fire and left to die. Despite the horrendous nature the case featured on national news only three times and was later largely confined to regional Scottish bulletins -

SEP 2004 A woman was killed and another was left fighting for her life after a knifeman went berserk in broad daylight in a Greater Manchester street. The woman killed was attacked first by the man, who was carrying what appeared to be a kitchen knife with a six-inch blade and had been seen reading from the Koran. The man was arrested but no further reports of any trial appeared in the MSM. -

MAR 2006, a twenty-two-year-old Iranian student named Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar drove an SUV onto the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, deliberately trying to kill people and succeeding in injuring nine. After the incident, he seemed singularly pleased with himself, smiling and waving to crowds after a court appearance on Monday, at which he explained that he was “thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah.” -

JUL 2006, a Muslim named Naveed Afzal Haq forced his way into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and then began shooting, killing one woman and injuring five more. -

AUG 2006 A Muslim from Afghanistan killed one person and injured fourteen during a murderous drive through San Francisco city streets during which he targeted people on crosswalks and sidewalks. He identified himself as a terrorist after his rampage -

JAN 2007 Rampage behind the wheel leaves trail of destruction. A Muslim havoc in north Minneapolis, ramming into at least eight cars and injuring a business owner, police said. When asked by investigators why he went on the crime spree, the 22-year-old suspect said, "Allah made me do it," according to a source with knowledge of the case. -

FEB 2007 Muslim Sulejmen Talovic killed five people and wounded four before he himself was killed by an off-duty Ogden police officer who happened to be in the Salt Lake City mall. -

Hat tip