Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The British Coliseums and the Block Vote

Lionheart, a great Christian Crusader has a slight problem with his Blog and as requested that I post the following here on The Home of the Green Arrow.

He suggested that first we read these two warnings. The first from the Telegraph and the second is an article he published over on Lionheart. All make disturbing reading.

The British Coliseums

The current government are appeasing the Muslim community in Britain so as to attain the block vote from them. Labour has given them the majority of the things they ask for and promise them more. I have another article coming with a horrendous example of Labour with their gifts on the golden plate for their loyalty and votes.

We as a country have a population of 60 million non-Muslims and 2 Million Muslims. If 1.5 million votes is that important to Labour then why don't the British National Party achieve two million votes or more and create another block vote.

I do not know about politics but what I do see is the British National Party being a real political voice because they know how serious a threat Our country faces in relation to Islam and the Muslims.

It is sad to say but another terrorist attack is inevitable, so say our Security services and government, so please don't just take my word for it. Why should we appease this psychotic murderous death cult and give in to its demands because it threatens us with terror and bloodshed.

The whole of the country needs to be aware of this murderous enemy speaking treason and murder against us.

Every week around the country there are large 50 - 60,000+ capacity football grounds with True British Anglo Saxon non-Muslim men who's country this is, who have children they need to protect.

The Muslim community threaten us with violence at every opportunity and they try to intimidate with their numbers. 60 million non-Muslims to 2 million Muslims means that a block vote to counter 2 million is a more than achievable target.

These modern coliseums containing 60,000+ spectators watching their football teams is the perfect counter action to those threats against us and Our children.

Imagine every single football stadium around the country singing a song of solidarity in one accord. This will send a clear sign to the Muslim Kingdom in Britain and around the world, that the non-Muslim Anglo Saxons whose country this is will not 'tolerate' their behavior. I do not know the math’s of how many stadiums and capacities, I imagine it is possibly a very large number. 99% non-Muslim.

If they attack us and kill more people like the atrocity on 7/7 then that mass majority of normal British citizens will be left with no alternative but to make a noise for the sake of their families and children. The question is: How can the message of solidarity go out to every football club around the UK. A mass public media protest will send out a very clear message of solidarity amongst the people of Our country in the face of this enemy.

We see public demonstrations like the Anti-War protests which carry large scale media attention. Imagine 2 million Anglo Saxon men singing a song of solidarity across the landscape of this Our beautiful green homeland.

Terrorist attacks against us are inevitable, vigilance at all times is a necessity because these murderous psychopaths kill at random without any warning and they are actively continually plotting against us.

The threat is real and present, there is a major patriotic block vote there to make a stand if Islam continues its path of war, which we all know it will because the Koran teaches them to.

God bless


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Tell Lionheart to keep at it. I see his name in the blogoshpere more and more he's getting his message out.

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