Saturday, 3 February 2007

British Bulldog 1-2-3

Many years ago when children were able to play on the streets without fear of kidnap and molestation, a favorite game played by a large group was "British Bulldog 1-2-3".

The rules were quite simple. The playing area consisted of of a main playing area, with two 'home' areas on opposing sides. In the center of the area one or sometimes two players, the "bulldogs" would stand. They would then name a player from the large group, who would then try to get to the "safe" area on the other side of the play area. The bulldogs would attempt to stop this by tackling the the player, lifting him into the air and shouting "British Bulldog 1-2-3", upon which the victim would then become a bulldog himself. The remaining pack would then charge across the playing area to the safe position and prepare for the next crossing. The game ended when there would be just one player left who would be deemed the winner.

This was a great energetic game to play and huge determination was shown by the individuals in their efforts to remain at liberty from the bulldogs and avoid being lifted into the air. And yes there were sometimes injuries but what are games if not a preparation for the harder one called life.

Sadly now, because of the molly coddling and political correctness over competition, this Great British game is no longer permitted to be played in its original form. This is what the Scouting site says about the real version of the game

There are various versions of this game and certain (more 'rigourous') versins are not encouraged on grounds of safety. Traditionally this has been played where the player in the middle picks the player up off the ground once they have caught them. This can lead to dangerous situations developing and this game should be properly supervised to ensure that it doesn't get too rough.

There was in fact another version played by the girls when I was child - instead of lifting the players they would just be "tagged". We called this version "French Bulldog"

A B.N.P. government led by Nick Griffin would rekindle and encourage the Bulldog spirit in our youth. There would be more Army, Sea and Airforce Cadet units set up to encourage, discipline, pride and team work in our youth. These fine young people would be the future members of our rebuild Army Regiments and other armed forces. If you want to guarantee your children and grandchildren a real future then you have only one option. Join the B.N.P. NOW. If, because of possible persecution, you cannot, then make a donation. The sooner we have a B.N.P. Government, the sooner you will be free and the children play on the streets again.


Nationalist14 said...

“ British Bulldog” what blissful memories you have stirred with this post it was such a different world wasn’t it a world I fear we may never see again a birthright they have stolen from our children. Take care. 14

Anonymous said...

Ah..Bulldog. Proto-feminists like my pre-pubescent self played this game enthusiastically and on an entirely equal footing with lads on our street. No namby-pamby taggers we. Weedy, eight-year old boys are littler than girls of the same age. That larned 'em some respect for women!

Sorry I'm anonymous, just sailed in on a link.

Anonymous said...

I played British Bulldog and I was a Boy Scout. Do Boy Scouts still exist I thought they had been forcibly moved to become scouts with girls also in the troop. No wonder boys have no way to grow up as British Bulldogs.

British National Party member said...

Oh that was my favourite game in primary school. Im 26 but lived in a villiage up north, so political correctness / elf and safety etc hadnt got there to snuff it out then.