Thursday, 8 February 2007

All school meat will be halal

Depending on whether you believe things must get worse before they can get better then every day is another nail in the coffin of multiculturalism and another brigade of new recruits for the official resistance called the B.N.P.

Now that the invaders have secured a beach-head, they can now start changing their adopted country to suit their culture. That is the problem when a minority becomes a majority. Witness Kosovo.

Governors at Kingsgate primary school in West Hampstead, North West London, where three-quarters of the pupils are Muslim plans to use only halal meat for dinners. They go on to say the move is backed by 77 per cent of parents. Surprise - Surprise

Muslim Lib Dem councillor Faruque Ansari said: "It’s just the same meat at the end of the day. Vegetarian and fish dinners are available for pupils who do not want halal meat."

Well if if the councillor is correct and it just the same meat then he should have no problems with eating meat taken from animals killed in an humane way. No of course he would have a problem. We must change our morality with regards to animal cruelty to suit their culture.

Now putting aside for a moment the details of the completly cruel and horrific way in which halhal meat is prepared, it cannot be cooked in the same kitchen as non-halal meat. So therefore white British Children whose parents would rightly object to the feeding of this evilly prepared food must either go without or eat fish.

Well perhaps the headteacher Liz Hayward has something useful to say. "It is essential that school meals support the wider social realities of our school population".

So if you want your children to be fed more than a diet of fish and if you care about the way an animal has to leave this world then you must support the B.N.P. Then there will be no halal meat in schools - there will however be a choice of vegetables or fish for for those whose religion forbids the eating of properly prepared meat.


shieldwall said...

I bet Halal meat is creeping in in most places that we do not know about,I dont know how true it is but supposedly Asda meat is Halal.

Anonymous said...

So the muslims came to this school as a miority with a need for halal.
This was accomadated, then when thay become the majority a vote is taken and the minority have to accept halal with no accomadation.

The plan for take over in microcossim

BFB said...

Where are the so-called 'animal rights' groups when you need them. The way they have ignored this issue speaks volumes about them,they are the usual bunch of unwashed lefty drop-outs one associates with 'protest' groups. They don't care about animal rights, they just need something to do when they're not sticking needles in their arms!

Nikola said...

You are right about Kosovo. And like Nick Griffin said, they wont be happy to let you retain some small corner of the country, they want ALL of it. The Albanians now have a historic majority of 95%, and launched a pogrom 2 years ago to kick out the remaining Serbs that are hanging on. There are already no-go areas for non-muslims in this country, and theyre only going to get bigger. Like you say though, things need to get worse before they get better.

EZD said...

Fantastic blog and God bless all people who care about matters like this and who are ready and able to spread the truth.
Long may this blog live and spread! a close friend of nikolas but also look 2 help spread his work on his blog.

English Rose said...

It's disgusting that we are not getting a choice because when Muslims got to this Country they got a choice almost straight away for dinner and were allowed Halal even though the majority were not Muslim. Now the tables are turning and we are not getting a choice are we. The sad thing is I know that school in the article and I can tell you that the people in
West Hampstead are fair minded people and would welcome anyone, to their area, so this is another case of victimisation.