Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Oldham Council bans Christmas

Come on people. Wake up. They are turning us into Dhimmis. Fight back. The image? I like it.

Whilst drafting a diary of meetings for 2007/2008, Oldham Council identifies the Muslim festival of Ramadan, the festival of Eid and also mentions Diwali the Hindu festival of Light and finishes with the second Eid on 20 December.

So what about Easter and Christmas for the Christian people? Why they get referred to a "ban holidays" in the diary.

Again they spit on our faces.

And talking of spit, you might remember the case of the racist assault on an ambulance driver.

Gavin Taylor was driving his ambulance through Rusholme when Imran Aslan hurled racial abuse at him and forced him to drive onto the pavement. Well this enricher of society has felt the full weight of the law. Although where he will find £45 to pay his costs I have no idea.

You need to send a message to the Tri-Axis parties that enough is enough. Vote British National Party and show the world that some of us True Brits are still ready to fight for Our Country.


Ben said...

Not that they need excuses because Muslims are born with some tale to tell but apparently some insider
twat has handed MPACUK a "restricted" file in which "senior" police chiefs gravely blame Britains foreign policy for......cows going dry, the weather and of course the self exploding Muslim. Incidentally a look at the BNP Glasgow blog reveals Scots needn't be so smug as several arrests including that of a 15 yr old boy have been made by "anti terror" cops.
Anyway.. back to the excusers at MPACUK...read on;


Anonymous said...

Oldham is paying the price for not having elected a BNP councillor! If other towns don't want to become like Oldham the answer is simple: vote BNP before its too late!

Anonymous said...

About five years ago I was working on an insurance software product being produced by a specialist software house a few miles south of coventry.

As one does when stuck in a grotty B&B all week, I soon picked up details of "watering holes worth a visit" and one of them was at the south end of leamingtom spa's main street. So off I go, driving down the main street in mid November .... straight past the Norwegian Pine Tree with the HAPPY DIWALI message in flashing BLUE AND WHITE neon lights. BLUE AND WHITE - The same colours as the jewish Hanuka festival of lights !!!!! Oh the IRONY !!