Monday, 14 May 2007


Sensible Clothing for Moslems

Najistani informs me that ISLAMOPHOBIA is a very confusing term because a 'phobia' is an irrational fear, whereas the civilized person's increasing apprehension about Islam is very definitely founded upon real threats to freedom, the rule of law and the rights of women and children to be free from sexual molestation.

ISLAMIC AWARENESS is a far more useful concept than Islamophobia. The eight components of Islamic awareness are:

1) Islam is monolithic, static and unresponsive to change. Islam is based on the Koran, a hate-filled rant written by a psychopathic pedophile which claims to be the 'Eternal Word of God'. If you are a Muslim you must accept the Koran without question, as the unchangeable and unchallengeable word of God. If you do not accept ALL of the koran (including the passages that incite murder, maiming and rape) then you are an apostate and other Muslims have a duty to kill you. Islam is monolithic, petrified and fossilized, and can never separate itself or progress from this barbaric 7th century text. Modernization (Bid'ah) is strictly forbidden "Every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance goes to Hell fire."

2) Islam does not have values in common with other cultures, is not affected by them and does not influence them in any positive way. Islam is totally different from any other religion. There is no Golden Rule. There is no 'Thou Shalt not Kill', no requirement for truth. In fact killing (Jihad) and lying (Taqiyya) to further the expansion of Islam are regarded as virtues.

Those aspects of the cult which appear to imitate Judeo-Christianity are in fact a thin veneer covering vicious and evil barbarism. The pivot of islamic existence is an implacable hatred of the non-believer, which is taught from infancy. All the rest of the 'religion' revolves around this divinely decreed requirement to kill, maim, rape, subjugate, plunder and humiliate the infidel. Jews and Christians are pigs and apes. Islam has produced nothing of use or interest to other cultures for the last 500 years. Islam is a theocratic, pre-rational phase of social development which Europe left behind in the sixteenth century.

3) Islamic culture continues to be in all respects inferior to the West. It produces no artistic or scientific output of any significance. Islamic society is barbaric, irrational, primitive, tribal and sexist. Stonings, honor killings, use of women as possessions, institutionalised pedophilia, polygamy and illiteracy abound.

4) Islam is violent, and aggressive to its very core. The Koran advocates terrorism and Allah rewards those who kill infidels. Islam is engaged in a 1400 year old 'clash of civilisations' where all other cultures are regarded as 'Jahiliya' to be destroyed, censored and suppressed. The world is divided into Dar al-Harb and Dar-al-Islam. Dar al-Islam has bloody borders and is permanently at war with Dar al-Harb. This war does not just apply to the West. Anarchic failed states such Pakistan and Afghistan were once peaceful and prosperous Buddhist countries, but all traces of their Buddhist history have been eliminated. Pacifism is no protection against Islamic predation.

5) Islam is a political ideology as well as being an irrationalist cult , and is used for political advantage, often by cynical rulers who live as playboys in the fleshpots of Dar al-Harb. Although utterly irrational and oscurantist, Islam survives because it provides the justification for a medieval power structure where the priests are at the top, the Muslim male in the middle, and women and kaffirs at the bottom.

6) Muslims are continually criticising the West - moaning, whingeing, whining and complaining, even when they have chosen to come and live here. The are perpetually pleading for special treatment with alternating temper tantrums and threats of riots and terrorism interspersed with sulky infantile displays of victim status. They especially resent westerners applying modern standards of analysis to their protected 'victim culture'.

7) Uniquely among immigrants, Muslims refuse to fit in with the host society. Instead they expect the hosts to fit in with them. This causes real problems in employability as the employer can expect far greater numbers of lawsuits alleging discrimination etc from Muslim employees than from less 'victimised' groups.

Muslims also are a major security risk in sensitive occupations such as police, armed forces, airports etc. Their first loyalty is to the Ummah, not to their country (whose institutions and culture they hate).

8) Wariness about Muslims is natural and normal. These people really do want to kill us, plunder our property and rape and subjugate our children. The Koran tells them to do it and their role-model Mohammed set an example of divinely justified criminality which every Muslim endeavors to follow.

hat tip Najistani

JohnOfGwent has recommended that we also read the following: How a British Jihadi saw the Light. I fully agree.


celtic morning said...

What kind of a cult is it that offers its followers so much terror that they fear even the inevitability of death ? Why is it so popular with many millioms of people who believe in this mumbo jumbo ? Then we have the Hindu who chants silly things to animals and reveres them as sacred objects ,not to mention the Scientologists who are so pilloried by the media at the moment , and the Sikhs etc . I wonder if the BBC would dare to attack Islam as visciously as it has dealt with Scientology recently . We all know that they wouldnt dare ! Personally , I have no faith . I have tried but failed and cannot be a hypocrite . I just cannot accept these old tales from an ancient middle east of a thousand years ago when there were , supposedly , many wise men . Where are their wise men today ? But I can see that Christianity , in many of its forms , offers solace and peace to its followers . After all , is not the Christ known as " The Prince of Peace " ? Surely an envious title to hold . Does He not willingly grant forgiveness and salvation to the true believers who accepts His teachings - his benign and benevolent teachings. And Christianity offers real peace - all you have to do is truly believe and accept him into your life . I write this after the recent loss of an old lady of ninety years .When the doctor told her she had only weeks to live she replied " The Lord will take care of me " and she went to her grave with that surety which never wavered . Her faith had granted her peace . What a wonderful comfort . It seems to me that Christianity has this great advantage over all other sects and religions . All it lacks is charismatic leaders of conviction to live by example as their Christ lived , in need and humility and with few possessions , men who would spread and practice His message . Instead , it has perverts and men on the make who make a mockery of the wonderful message they are supposed to live by . The terror cult of Islam with its violence and stress and fear could never stand before such a message , with men of true integrity at its head .

Anonymous said...

I mentioned a little while ago that on the same day that there was a hurried change in the top management at BP, Eddie Mayer held an amazing interview on his PM programme with a chap called Ed Hussein, a man drawn to the dark side of Islam by radical preachers.

He was drawn away from his family and towards jihad when the "ethnic cleansing" (no, let's call it what it was, attempted genocide) of blond, blue eyed moslems in Kosovo, allowed the "imams of the dark side " to put forward the (persuasive) argument that as blonde, white skinned, blue eyed moslems were being hacked down in Kosovo while british troops looked on, what the hell chance did brown moslems in the UK have.

Well, there's a very interesting piece in the Times Online where they interviewed this chap about the book ge's writing to expose all this.

It really is a 'must read'.