Friday, 4 May 2007

Once More Unto the breach.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more,
Or close the wall up with our English dead!

Benjamin Franklin, one the Founding Fathers of America had this to say about elections

When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.

and it is worth considering when you try to make sense of yesterdays elections results.

And that seems to be something that Fraser Nelson thought about when he wrote the following in the Spectator.

"The secret to everlasting left-wing government was discovered in Sweden decades ago. First raise tax and employ as much of the electorate as possible. Next, offer generous welfare and bribe the middle classes with childcare. Soon, a critical mass of voters becomes part of the government project, and votes for its expansion. Higher private sector earners may squeal at the tax rates, but are easily outnumbered. Eventually the right-wing opposition grows tired of losing elections, and starts pledging to outspend the government, if elected. Then victory is complete."

He then got his calculator out and presented us with the following information.

  • 52% of the electorate are now state beneficiaries: "state employees (15 per cent of the electorate), the out-of-work and on welfare (11 per cent), benefit-dependent pensioners (18 per cent) and pensioners with independent means (8 per cent)".
  • One in four employed people now works for the government: "The official count of 5.8 million state workers leaves out the likes of university staff, GPs and anyone who is subcontracted. Include them, and the true figure is 6.8 million people — a staggering 784,000 more than there were in 1997".
  • 4.51 million out of work and on benefits: "At 5.1 per cent of the workforce — 870,000 people — Britain’s official claimant count is about half French and German levels. But this is just a tiny part of a far larger story. Among those not included in the unemployment figures are the 2.7 million on incapacity benefit, some 790,000 on lone parent benefit, and other schemes like the carers’ allowance".
  • Pensioners on benefit: "The Department for Work and Pensions calculates that more than two thirds are now dependent on benefits for half their income".
Nelson concluded with the following:-

"Thatcher declared that New Labour was her greatest legacy and the Prime Minister can step down knowing his victory has been just as profound: to have Cameron abandon the quest for small government and join him in pushing forward the frontiers of the state".

So along with the Polish Vote, Postal Ballot Fraud, The mobile Moslem vote, Untested Computing systems and the above, you can see that the British National Party as one hell of a War to fight to regain Our Country.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more,


Dave said...

The time is not yet ours,never the less we shall come back just like a rubber ball.We are a resilient lot and as long as the struggle is there we have the determination to see us through. Nobody said it was easy but our resolve will see us through.Sorry to disappoint Mr Fister but we are in it for the long haul.

The Green Arrow said...

Fister we come from a Nation that fought the 100 years war. Do you think that we will stop at the first line of resistance. If we only have ONE more councillor, that is one MORE than we had last week.

We are building foundations for the future.

Mr Fister said...

You are not the inheriters of any tradition that is either English or British.

Your party was founded by Nazis and is run by Holocaust deniers.

You have spawned more terrorists that any other group in this country.

You will be even more marginalised after this shocking defeat.

Even we're amazed how badly you have done. And there's still more to come.

Drake's Drum said...

Stalin murdered 20 000 000. No there has never been a left wing terror group in the British Isles has there? If a man is a socialist at 20 he has a heart, if still a socialist at 40 he has no mind. Think on Fister.

The Green Arrow said...

True Drake but you never hear of Labour being beaten with its roots.

I was just about to use that socialist quote myself. Still will.

Keep beating that Drum.

Dave said...

Well Mr Fister the road is long but we have our common heritage to unite us and our goal is in sight we will not waver and the tired old abuse of the left will not wash. I am NOT a NAZI though I can make an educated guess as to what you are.Just as a matter of interest does your name allude to your left wing knuckle dragging thug activities or are you a
sexual deviant or both.

The Green Arrow said...

Dave, your right the guy is a deviant and runs a shabby foul mouthed blog with an emphasis on sexual deviancy.

Ignore him is the best - this is how he gets his kicks. Yuk.

Anonymous said...

just read his blog. It's very up to date, more than the BNP website.


Anonymous said...

Green Arrow forgets that his leader (or rather Fuhrer) has publicly stated the holocaust did not happened and would have sided with Germany when our country was invaded.

Wasn't your previous leader photographed wearing SS regalia - you Nazi scumbags