Thursday, 10 May 2007

Blair - Do you think this is over?

Blair showing what intends to do to Bush when he sees him next

So the human piece of excrement known as Tone Blair as gone and our first reaction is thank God.

But this creature of the dark who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in illegal wars and brought Our Country to its knees thinks he can skulk of without paying for his meal.

Well he is wrong, because one day, no matter where he is in the world, he will be dragged back screaming to face the justice of the people and I hope there is capital punishment then. Because he should hang for his crimes.

I will not list these, they are too numerous or how his Bitch of a wife, used his position to feather their own retirement nest or how his bum chums rose to high unelected office in the european union. Another corrupt organisation whose accounts have not been signed of for years because of corruption.

Even while I type I see his face on the T.V. in front of me and I must resist the urge to spit, such is my anger as I listen to his lies and watch his eyes fill up with tears that he can turn on like a tap.

All I wait for now before posting is to see whether he quits not just as Prime Minister but also as M.P. but no news of that.

Now his head is bobbing and he speaks about ethnic cleansing in Kosovo but not about the cleansing of the Christians from their homeland, their country. No, he supported the hand over a peoples land to the evil of Islam and said black was white.

"Hand on heart I did what I thought was right". and the crowd, like puppets whose strings are pulled applaud and he is gone. I pray to hear a crack and ...well it does not matter. He is gone. Almost.

But the crowd are not the people of Our Country they are the elite, his cronies, his bum chums. People who have profited at our expense. But the tears in their eyes are not because their leader is leaving but because they see their jobs and honours vanishing with him. The British National Party will have to clean this mess up one day.

No Blair this is not over until you are dead.


celtic morning said...

I listened to it on the car radio and it all sickened me . On radio 2 they even had some idiot spouting a list of Blair's "achievements " against a background of Elgar's Pomp & Circumstance music . I must say I was incensed and if the bastard had suddenly appeared on the road in front of me I would cheerfully have ran him down . Blairs Broadcasting Company , faithful to the last until it turns into Browns Broadcasting Company . On the phone-ins they obviously filter all hostile callers and only allow the sheep to bleat their praise . It disgusts me . When I think of what this man has done to our coutry I feel helpless and hopeless . Even though we have declined steadily as a nation for the last fifty years nothing has matched the rate of decline under Blair and the rest of the New Labour Traitors . Please let us break through one day , and soon , so that we can reclaim freedom ,the rebuilding process can begin and the traitors be brought to justice.

fido said...

Love that picture you got of him, not the first thing that ex public schoolboy has had in his mouth.

Anonymous said...

But the sheeple havent bought the spin....I was listening to the "Talk Sport" show today and even the host was full of venom for the way the country has gone, with many listeners phoning in to add their disgust, which makes me even more suspicious of Labour's ratings in last weeks elections. Virtually everyone bar the dimmest, are sick of the way things are, and the Talk Sport host even said that the biggest concern for the majority of his listeners was immigration and illegal assylum, and he demanded that we have politicians who put Britain first!!. and as for Tone's comments about doing what he thought was right, I think he meant he did what he was told by Old Levy and the rest of his wage payers.

johnofgwent said...

> I pray to hear a crack and ...well it does not matter. He is gone. Almost.

No he isn't. If he doesn't take the place he'll be offered in the house of lords, he'll be off to the EU.

If Maggie T had been met her end at the hands of a crazed miner with a sawn off shotgun no-one would have needed to spend more than a tenth of a second speculating as to the motives of the person involved.

If you, or I, or any one of the tens of thousands of hard working amall businessmen whose companies prospered until 1999 but then fell victim to so called 'tax reforms' designed to let Red Dawn declare in the interests of 'fairness' they were shutting us down and handing our work to large software houses run by labour slush funders or indian businessmen overseas, or any of the people going hungry to feed their kids because they've been cheated out of child benefits by gordon's amazing paper chase called the tax credit application form, or any of the pensioners freezing to death in winter because they don't understand gordon's forms to claim back as handouts what should have been theirs by right until he raided their pension funds by denying them the benefit of the tax credits on the investments the fund made, or if any of the thousands of young professionals this government have blighted with student debt, or even anyone pushed further into debt by gordon's snatch-and-grab raid on everyone earning less that £17k today thanks to his so called 2p cut in income tax budget were to pick up a shotgun now and let him have it's contents full in the face, NO-ONE would understand why they had done it.

And worsr still Blair would die thinking you were a moslem sympathiser.

Which is why it's not worth it.

Blair must LIVE to SEE the damage he has brought upon us.

Unfortunately, he has his head so far up george bush's arse, and his ears so full of the songs of praise sung by his spin doctors, and his eyes clouded so much by his inflated sense of his own image and importance, that it will be a long time before he comes to realise it.