Friday, 18 May 2007

Prince Charles and the Green Arrow

So what could Prince Charles and the Green Arrow possibly have in common? Well the image gives us one clue and if you click on the Green Arrow profile there is another dead give away if you should choose to read it.

Yep. The Mob, The Andrew, The Royal Navy. We both served on Ton Class Minesweepers or Hunters out of H.M.S. Lochinvar in Scotland. So did I meet the Prince of Wales?

No, but I had a pint with a man who drank with a man who served with the Prince of Wales. Well something like that. Well at the time, Prince Charles was Commanding Officer of H.M.S. Bronington and I was the sole Radio Operator on board that beautiful image above, H.M.S. Kedleston. The Tiger Tails on top the bridge reveal her to be a Mine Hunter. Greatest days of my life, etc,etc. A bit of detective work should soon reveal my identity.

So what has this do to with our future King? Well naturally we in the Squadron were all interested in what sort of man he was and so when our new Bosun's Mate was transferred to us from the Bronington we pumped him for all he was worth about old big ears himself.

Well it seemed that Prince Charles was much like our own well loved Skipper. Capable, fair and fun. Who in all honesty as young men we would have died for. Boarding suspected gun runners in a force eight can be a little frightening I can assure you. So us Ton Boat guys were a tight lot and if you did not fit in, you were gone. Regardless of rank. He was good.

So I have always had an interest in our heir to the throne. But sadly from my early days as an admirer, I have had to review my opinions on the man. Quite simply he changed and not for the best.

I first had my doubts about him when it was revealed to the world via the leaked contents of his mobile phone that he wished to be a Tampax so he could be carried around in Camilla.

But the cuckolding of his slappers husband and supposed friend, Cavalry Officer Andrew Parker Bowles, I found beyond the pale.

Leaving out the "I talk to the trees but they don't listen to me" business there then became his obsession with Islam. He dared not come out and say it but it was there.

He stated that when he ascended to the throne he wished to be known as Defender of Faiths instead of Defender of The Faith which is the true and only title for a King of Our Country.

Then I am pointed to a site by one of our agents that reveals a lot more light about Prince Charles and his links to the Cult of the Dead Paedophile. Robert, top man, wanted to know this.

Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam? Read this article at the Weblog of Daniel Pipes and see what you think.

One last possibly interesting thing about my time on board M1153 callsign GSRP were the strange events of the night of
September 8th, 1970. I will always know what I was doing that day. The Bosuns Mate I referred to earlier was also the Kedlestons Diver. His name was "Boot" Wortley. He knows the truth.

“The Royal Navy of England hath ever been its greatest defense and ornament; it is its ancient and natural strength; the floating bulwark of the island.”


Dave said...

I gave up hope on our royal family years ago.Just a set of hedonistic self serving hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Green just letting you know that Gandalf has tried to post on your site but got Kicked off. He just wants you to know he has been and will continiue visiting.

Good couple of posts again green.

Anyway is their any Charles doing a prozzie in Gibralter stories.

Where Eagles Dare Aberdeen

Anonymous said...



The timming for the Royal Great Monarch of England (Imperator 2) is intended by Merlin to bridge the period between the French monarch (Imperator 1) and the Germanic/Danish monarch (Imperator 3 or 4). The seven kings may be an alliance of Muslim nations that shall attack Great Britain during World War III, making this monarch a likely successor of the French monarch's which Nostradamus names as Ogmios, the hermetic god of the Celts and Britons, mentioned again in his Epistle to Henry II as the youngest of three royal brothers, the eldest who has 'the furious crown lions with their paws upon the escutcheon' as his coat-of-arms (which happens to be the British coat-of-arms). The youngest of the three Windsor brothers, of course, is Prince Edward. Thus, as incredible as it may sound, Prince Edward may very well be the second leader of this future European empire or EU. Eventually more members of the royal family are given authority over other parts of Europe and the realm ultimately gives way to civil war due to the actions of the eldest lion, Charles (possible archetype for the beast of Rev 13). The Arab and North Africans are appealed to by some factions as allies and the whole mess takes a good ten years to clean up. No sooner than order is finally restored by Edward, then 'those of the Attila and Xerxes' descend upon Europe and World War 4 begins. Ultimately it shall be a much older Prince William who shall lead Great Britain out of this terrible war with the aid of the comming third or fourth leader of the European empire, yet another 'Great Monarch', which brings us to your interpretation.

odinsgal88 said...

Nothing to say except that I agree! I wasn't so bothered by the Tampax comment as the "Defender of All Faiths" crack he made. Whether you're christian or not you have to accept that the head of the church can't say things like that. It's like the Pope giving Abu Hamza an honourable mention.