Thursday, 10 May 2007

Vote Freedom

First Blow For Freedom - King John signs the Magna Charta

There is an excellent forum available for British National Party members and supporters called Vote Freedom. This superb site carries all kinds of useful information, including news reports, election results and coming events as well as the usual posting areas.

The Administrator, whose avatar is strangely enough, Freedom does an excellent job of maintaining it and arranging its structure.

Although I have had a link to it for awhile, I have not pushed it before, because Freedom was busy collecting data and campaigning during the recent election. Well that is out of the way and we move on.

The board is now open for new members and I urge all readers who support the fight for Our Country to join soonest. So no matter where you live in the world, from Cwmbran to Connecticut you will be made welcome. The more members the more ideas.

Join up here. Could other B.N.P. support bloggers please also link in your forum sections.

So Freedom, if you read this would you like to Comment with why you started the Forum?

The British National Party - Fighting for your Children's Freedom.


Freedom said...

Thank you Green Arrow for this very supportive posting. I started the board on March 1st in the lead upto the local elections after many years on the internet and when ever I searched for BNP news or results I would only find the BNP site and then page upon page of bile from the anti BNP brigade. I felt this needed to be addressed and did what i knew best which was to set up a board and collate the information on election success and past performances which in the past could only be found in any great depth on anti sites. It is great to see the response from the BNP official site and their great coverage of the local elections it is only a shame that they wasn't reporting on more elected councillors. But our time is coming and every little bit of help we can give them will not be just for the BNP itself but it will be for the protection of the culture and beliefs which makes us all British for our old age and the future of our children.

Anonymous said...

Hi Green Arrow I am linking you too my site, would it be alright for you to do the same.