Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Rhodri Morgan ends the battle begging

That pompous oaf who likes to strut around the world stage pretending to be a statesman or playing golf instead of attending the D-Day landings commemorations ends the day like Jimmy Cagney in Angels with Dirty Faces. Begging for his political life.

Rhodri Morgan, First Minsister the Welsh Assembly has pleaded with voters to let him see out the last two years of his political career as head of a majority Government.

His favourite brown nosing crony, Education Minister Jane Davidson said: “We are proud to serve with the most popular leader in Wales who has the majority support in any opinion poll that you undertake.

“So we are working with the most popular leader, but we are working with him in the context of Cabinet government.”

Who did the stupid woman ask? His overpaid fellow leeches in the Labour Party?

The truth is Rhodri Morgan is hated throughout Wales. To be honest. So is the Welsh Assembly. If I was forming a political party in Wales. I would call it The Welsh Assembly are Twats.

Only the British National Party can restore peoples faith in the Assembly. Vote for the B.N.P. tomorrow.


fido said...

Little story about our Rhodri, a few years back I was in the Welsh Assembly and the group I was working with were going to have a tv crew turn up.

Rhodri was all sweetness and light until an unforseen problem meant that the tv crew could not turn up that day.

After that he was out of there faster than an illegal signing on. Buryed his lardy backside in an office and did not want to talk to anyone for the next couple of hours.

Total media whore of a bloke.

Anonymous said...

GA, this piece of scum pledges allegiance to the party that threw both of our small businesses on the scrapheap while brown nosing multi-millionaires and software houses whose bloated contracts we both could have done better, faster and a shitload cheaper, as you know.

I see no reason not to return the favour and throw this windbag into the same graveyard he threw us. Cheers JOG