Thursday, 3 May 2007

There is still time to Vote

There is still time to vote in todays elections. Every vote for the B.N.P. counts to show Tony Bliar just what we think of him. It will also put a spoke in the wheel of his unelected replacement, the Brown Clown.

Vote B.N.P. and give Tone and the Wicked Witch a good send off.

The British National Party - the party that Unites the United Kingdom.


Anonymous said...

The BNP are getting hammered!

Anonymous said...

Betweem Wishaw, Dundee West and Glasgow Kelvin over 3,000 "spoiled " ballot papers. There is a pattern emerging the pundits are blaming on complicated voting system. Its also three constituencies where no BNP candidates were standing. Coincidence?

The Green Arrow said...

You wish fister. You wish.

Yes anon I suspect you are right. Another interesting think I just read was that in the last elections in Birmingham they estimated that 80% of the postal votes were fraudulent.
Of course to the Tri-Axis guys, they do not care about democracy only winning.

Anonymous said...


My wishes have come true!!

I didn't do 8 years in the army to live in a fascist state.

You see, you do not have the monopoly, but I don't ask for sympathy.

Ask yourself why you lost.

eddie said...

thousands of votes lost in scotland