Monday, 7 May 2007

Jon Cruddas - Reveals his fear?

Crudass is one the biggest Dhimmis the cult of the dead paedophile has. This Labour M.P. holds onto his seat only by openly licking the rear ends of his Moslem Masters. To this end he was wheeled out yesterday to speak at a rally in Trafalgar Square.

The candidate for the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party,said at the rally for better rights for immigrants and asylum seekers that he was worried about the level of support that the British National Party has, despite the BNP's short term failure to gain seats in the recent elections.

The Dhimmi fool, who also campaigns for the Moslem funded U.A.F., went on to say that there are issues that are driving people into the arms of the B.N.P. I wonder if supporting better rights for illegal immigrants and wrongly named asylum seekers who are stealing Our Country might be one of those issues?

However at another site he is quoted as saying that a return to pavement politics by the Labour Party activists defeated the B.N.P. Correct me if I am wrong but the British National Party did an excellent job in increasing their support and actually gained an extra councillor whilst Labour lost hundreds of their feeding leeches.

He then contradicts himself and reveals his fear by making the following statements:-

"The BNP stood more candidates in last week's elections than they had members just a few years ago and despite the fact they actively campaigned in only a handful of wards, they have polled consistently around 15% of the vote.

"We have to accept that something palpable is happening here. The BNP is tapping into people's latent fears and disillusionment with the mainstream parties. The fact that the BNP achieved these levels of support despite the fact that the vast majority were paper candidates who did not put out a single leaflet or knock on a single door is particularly worrying.

"Anti BNP campaigners ran really successful community based campaigns in places like Sandwell which stopped the party's advances but it was has been a victory or organisation rather than one built on political will. We have to provide political solutions to people's everyday concerns on job security, affordable housing, pay, education and health inequalities".

Sounds to me like Cruddas is running scared. He finishes by saying:

"There must be no complacency. While the BNP failed to win seats this year they are on course to win seats on the Greater London Assembly and several MEPs. If they achieve this then they have broken into the mainstream," he whined.

Well Crudass, rest assured, the British National Party is like a rolling snowball and it is getting larger and larger as it rolls forward to eventually crush you and the parasites that feed of the True Brits whilst betraying them to your Masters.


Anonymous said...

Top post GA, absolute cracker.
Do you mind if I spread it around the rest of our blogs?
I knew May 3rd was BNP DAY.
Back to your darkend corner mr fister.
All the best,
Harry Gow.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon no please do.
For future reference just take anything that you think might be useful. So long as we get the message out we do not care where it is read.

Anonymous said...

Getting really bitter now aren't you?

I'm sure Cruddas is sat at home worrying about you.

British National Party member said...

Aha! A cracking post GA :-)

tapman said...

great post ,great blog G A ,keep it going please,all of us up here in moray and gordon thank you for your support in our campaing.
we will keep going as long as it takes to return this country of ours back to the british people.
regards tapman.

Helena said...

Excellent post as usual GA. Things are coming along nicely, slowly but nicely.
France made a good choice in their elections (not the best..but better than the alternative) so naturally the RoP will be rioting shortly but under a different sort of leader.
All that mayhem will drift across the channel awakening some sleepers right here in Britain.
Everything comes to he who waits.

The Green Arrow said...

Helena, your right. They are burning cars already. They said they would as reported in a previous post.

I am pleased that Turkey is panicing now about never being allowed into the United States of Europe but I also read that he will try to push the "constitution" again. This time without a referendum.

Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

Green give up your day job Become a BNP candidate, you are brill mate and its a pleasure having you in the same team, God you make me proud, and every post you do gives me and im sure many others a extra boost to carry the BNP message forward. You should be in the parties top brass

Anonymous said...

1 February 2005
Dad Steven's tribute to docs
Donna Watson
A FATHER who survived more than 200 heart attacks has paid tribute to the medics who saved his life.

Ex-soldier Steven Thomson, 36, suffers from a rare condition which makes his heart race at up to 350 beats a minute - five times faster than normal.

The illness - arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy - can be so severe and unpredictable that some victims don't survive.

And yesterday, Steven said: 'I owe my life to the staff at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. If it hadn't been for them, I wouldn't be here today.'Steven once suffered 76 heart attacks in three hours and his horrified family feared he wouldn't pull through.

But the dad-of-two, of Aberdeen, refused to give in and is now grateful that he's been given the chance to see his daughters, Eilidh, eight, and one-year-old Holly, grow up.

Steven added: 'I pleaded with the doctors to help me survive for the sake of my daughters, and they did.

'It's hard to express how indebted I feel to them. I was terrified that my little girls would wake up without a dad.'Keen sportsman Steve played water polo, football and rugby in the Army, as well as running 40-mile races.

Even when he left, and became a prison officer, he still kept fit. But then he collapsed unconscious one day while out running

Steven was rushed to hospital where doctors battled to revive him using a defibrillator. But within minutes of his heart being kick-started, he suffered another attack.


During the next three hours, he suffered 17 attacks and was given so many electric shocks he was left with burns on his chest.

Doctors at the Royal Infirmary discovered he was suffering from ARVC, which means his heart was beating too fast to pump blood through his body.

Within days, he suffered another one and the pattern continued.

His condition reached crisis point when he suffered 76 attacks in three hours.

Steven said: 'It was terrifying. It really was touch and go.' A tiny defibrillator was installed in Steven's chest to save his life whenever he was hit by another attack.

He hasn't suffered an attack since it was fitted and is making the most at his second shot at life.

He added: 'Every extra day I have is another I can spend with my daughters, so they are all absolutely priceless .'

Heart expert Dr John Dean, of Aberdeen University, said: 'Some people are born with a gene that can cause ARVC but they don't show symptoms.

'It's a condition that is exacerbated by strenuous exercise and sufferers can just black out all of a sudden. It can be fatal, like the case of some footballers who have died on the pitch.

Is this one of your guys I thought the last post (Scotland the Brave) you did was fishy but it looks like a true story

The Green Arrow said...

Yes it is true and it shows the true spirit of the British National Party.

Steve is the Organiser for Aberdeen and is an inspiration for many of us.

I think if he can keep going so can I. The British National Party are more than a political force, they are a family.

Anonymous said...

Is this the original Ethnic Cleanser as seen on TV?
Brilliant GA, Brilliant.
All the Best,
Harry Gow.

Anonymous said...

The snowball gathered me up early in 2006, it then went on to gather my engineer son also his engineer wife plus their two young university educated sons a few months later.
My close friends then joined realising there is no need to fear the BNP.
Cheap housing we don't require we already have homes, all this talk of how it is only the lowly un-educated white ex labour voters that vote BNP well! again labour is very much mistaken.
I'm an ex lifelong tory like my father before me was.
I have been given a choice multiculturalism and cultural marxism which in the end is leading to an islamic state. i reject all their choices i make my own and choose my England .. UK and my own peoples with our own culture above any other!
A party that fights for me and mine
The British National Party, deserves our support if we value our nation and heritage.