Saturday, 12 May 2007

More Midwich Cuckoos

British Zombie Bird feeding the World - Note absence of young British Zombie Bird

Back in March, when I first wrote about the Midwich Cuckoos arriving in Our Country, I warned that we could either keep feeding them until we dropped or we got wise and started voting for the Gamekeeper party of the B.N.P.

Well some of us decided it is better to spend our money on the Cuckoos then on our own. So do not be surprised when some of our own fall out of our nest when needing medical treatment and perish.

A Berkshire town has been struggling to cope with nearly 90 children who have arrived unaccompanied from Eastern Europe.

The Roma children, one as young as ten, have apparently paid someone in Romania to send them to Slough.

The Borough Council does not know why it has been singled out but has been forced to set up a special team and spend £150,000 helping the children.

It has called for more government help to offset the strain on other services.

Family members

The authority has revealed that since 1 January, when Romania joined the European Union, 88 Romanian Roma children have arrived asking for help.

The children usually arrive in groups of three, but six have had babies of their own and seven have been pregnant.

The local authority has had to set up an emergency Roma assessment team.

It is currently supporting 53 children while others have been sent to live with family members who have been located in other parts of the UK.

The Council say more money is needed from the Government to help them with migrants otherwise other services could be cut.

Well there you have it. When they say services could be cut - they mean will be cut.

The source link is here.

You know, it is very depressing watching your Nation die whilst your countrymen walk about like extras in the "Dawn of the Living Dead" zombie film.

You know in your heart, that only the British National Party has the Courage to still save the Nation. Join in the fight or watch your children be pushed out of their own nest.


Mr Shankley said...

What's so difficult about putting them on the next plane back to Romania and letting the Romanian Government pay for them? Or would that be too much like common sense?

celtic morning said...

" Those who the Gods wish to destroy , they first make mad . " That great patriot , Enoch Powell , told us so many years ago " We must be mad " he said . No one listened then and , as last weeks election showed , few are listening even today .

Anonymous said...

Today’s glorious children are tomorrows future, and will add much to our nation

Where Eagles Dare Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

Just incase you thought Id gone mad, What will they add

More theiving gypo pikey bastards

More raping dirty slimeballs

More of the litter strewing mingy unwashed fuckers clogging up our laybyes

sorry if my last post appeared mad just slipping into the leftie liberal social working mode to try and experience what it is that these fuckers are up to