Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Why Shambo must die

I like Shambo. I wish he did not have to die. But die he must.

In fact, he should have been dead by now. Only the spinelessness of the Welsh Assembly is keeping him alive. That and the human cordon that now surrounds him and the promises made by his keepers to resist all attempts to turn him into a tin of corned beef. And so the cowards of Cardiff have granted a stay of execution.

So now, Shambo is like an American Murderer on Death Row. He could die tomorrow or he could die of old age. Perhaps they hope he will just die of T.B. Perhaps they wish we would all just go away and forget about Shambo. Yeah. Right.

But what happens when the executioners arrive to pass lawful sentence and they must?

T.B. is on the increase all over Our Country and Shambo is contagious, Wales is reporting more cases of the killer disease every other week now. So Shambo must die in the interests of public safety.

During the foot and mouth fiasco, hundreds of healthy pet animals were dragged from the arms of crying children. No tears could save them in the interests of public health and so Shambo must die.

And we must also respect the views of farmers who have had experience of losing cared for animals due to foot and mouth.

Dai Davies, president of NFU Cymru, who lost many cattle during a TB outbreak on his farm, said he was sympathetic, but he insisted that Shambo must be destroyed.

Brian Walters, FUW vice president, visited Skanda Vale and said he understood the monk’s reluctance to allow the animal to be killed.

But no farmer wants to see cattle slaughtered and no exceptions can be made if we are to stop the spread of this terrible disease,"
he said.

But there is another more important reason now, why Shambo must die. The Hindu Forum of Britain has warned that its members are ready to travel to Wales and resist the agents of the law. Shambo must definitely die now. It is the law or no law.

Under a British National Party Government, Shambo would be eating in Heaven by now.


Fidothedog said...

Reading that has really made me feel hungry for a burger!

celtic morning said...

A check on the fields in and around this religious settlement reveals the existence of many badger setts . These animals have been proven carriers of the disease and are prime movers in its spread so the ministry had better carry out tests on all the sacred animals and the semi sacred badgers before we find an outbreak in the not-at-all sacred human community of poor Welsh country children . Shambles must go - and be quickly followed by the rest of the animals . What if the elephant catches it ? Imagine the infection spreading from his snakey trunk !! Imagine the size of his lungs ! Imagine the billions of bacteria or whatever which could be accumulated there !! It doesnt bear thinking about . Send in the hit squad pdq ..