Wednesday, 2 May 2007

What are the French going to do?

Napoleon on the Bellerophon - What is France thinking?

What are the French going to do? Normally, I would say, "Who cares". I have never been a lover of the French. They caved in a bit too quick for me, back in 39 but this time I do care about their actions. We should all care.

The second round of their Presidential elections takes place on May 6, and who is elected President will show to the world, France's stance on Islam and immigration.

In a perfect world Jean-Marie Le Pen would have been the outright winner, but he wasn't and lost many of his voters to another anti-immigrant campaigner , Sarkozy. Le Pen is now sulking and said in a speech in Paris.

"I call on voters who have shown their confidence in me to cast their vote neither for Madame Royal nor for Mr. Sarkozy,"

Let us hope they do not listen to his advice. The 4 million votes of Le Pen's supporters will decide who is the next French President.

Now the Moslems of France, enter the fray with their usual style. The high turnout of 85% for the elections was partially down to these people dragging out every vote they could find or fix.

Well now they have shown what they think of democracy by announcing that should Sarkozy win over the Immigrant loving Madame Royal they will do what they do best.

"If Sarkozy wins there will certainly be riots here in Clichy and all over France," warned Moroccan-born first-time voter Mohammed Saidi, 43, an electrician and father of four.

Another first-time voter, 20-year-old Fatma Celik, said that if Sarkozy were elected, she was sure "people are going to go crazy here".

So we are back to the beginning. What are the French going to do?

After the riots of November 2005 in which over a 100,000 cars were destroyed and 20 French towns burned as Moslems fought police for over a month. Will the True French vote for Dhimmitude or for their Country.

A vote for Madam Royal and Dhimmitude will show the Moslems the world over that intimidation, riots and violence do work and encourage them to make further demands but France will enjoy a sort of peace for a few more years.

A vote for Sarkozy will be a vote for French Honour, riots and a warning that France intends to regain its Country.

The choice is yours. Be a Dhimmi and vote Tr-Axis or be a man and vote B.N.P.


Felicity said...

The French were ruthless in dragging Royal children and women to the guillotene and ace at denouncing each other should attractive land be going begging.
When it comes to spraying slurry on government buildings should farmers be penalised in any way..the French are up there with the best.
Standing up to invasion?
I'm not so sure, they've got previous, and the way they've allowed these ghettoes to spring up in Paris must have affected tourism and the sale of ripe soft cheeses.

Anonymous said...

Yes lets hope the right man wins the elections.
I can only pray it follows over here.
I have been waiting with baited breathe as well.
Take care x

celtic morning said...

I forecast that France , as usual , will take the easy way out and refuse to , at last , confront the crisis of identity which stares their nation in the face . They will vote for madame Royal and the boys who won the world cup not long ago and once again ignore the hordes of uncivilised semi savages from the dark ages who lurke in the shadows , gaining ever more strength , ready to swamp them with their birth rate . I hope I am wrong but even if I am , I doubt that Sarkozy will back up his words with the decisive action which is required. Its not what politicians do is it ? France , like the rest of Europe and Britain faces a civil war and does very little about it as the enemies of all we stand for build up their forces . Eurabia is just around the corner and if you doubt it , ask Col Gadaffi .

Dave said...

We should learn a valuable lesson from this,when nationalists do well the establishment will put up a "right wing candidate" to neutralise the nationalist vote.
I fear that the French lean to the left, lack balls and a backbone they had their chance and blew it.

Iris said...

True Dave. Sarkozy is the UKIP a state sanctioned so called rigt winger who talks tough but wont deliver.
No matter, they make their "lit" they can lie in it.

fido said...

Le Pen would be brilliant as the leader of France.

Definately a case of send Ali home to Mohammed.

To para-phrase them Inshalla to that.

Anonymous said...

You are totally correct, Dave. We had our own 'Sarko' in Mrs Thatcher. She also talked tough about immigration in that famous interview in 1978 where she said "the British people are rather afraid of being swamped by people of another culture". She did pass the British Nationality Act of 1981 but liberal Tory MPs watered it down and made it much less effective than what is should have been.

Now, the Political Establishment in Britain think that even a 'Right-wing' leader of the CONservative Party won't do the trick of stopping the rise of the 'far right' so they set-up the state patsy party UKIP instead!