Sunday, 27 May 2007

Creating the online Infidel Library

There is blog over the pond called, The Outraged Spleen of Zion that has just posted an interesting idea for an on line Infidel Library that would allow Arabic readers to learn the truth about Islam.

The piece includes lots of interesting pieces of information and a couple of good links.

When I read this; "We’re the most powerful civilization in human history. We’ve split the atom and sent men to the moon. We can deal with a cult from 7th century Arabia, if we put our minds to it. Yes, they have a head start, but they have weak points, too. Many of them, and sometimes huge ones. Find a pressure point and squeeze", I was hooked and read on.

Honestly recommend you go over and read the article here. Check out the link about Europe being the early warning Canary used in a mine to the Americans.

Hat Tip to Harry


BabbaZee said...

Green Arrow

Outraged Spleen here. this is a repost of two comments I just left on my own blog to you...

I think we may share many of the same views but also I am under the impression that the BNP also embraces a white supremacist ideology - can you disabuse me of that notion or is that correct?

I will look on your site a while and also do some research, it is not a subject I am familiar with off hand but I have some sort of alarm going off in my head about BNP and a white supremacist world view.

If I am wrong I apologize in advance,

I'll be back.

[ ------------- ]

Ok I see that BNP states it is a nationalist party but I also see that BNP representatives have spoken at White Supremacist rallies with David Duke, etc.

Green Arrow -

Does this reflect the ideology of BNP?

Of yourself?

Over three hundred white supremacists gathered in New Orleans for the "2005 European American Conference," convened May 20 - 22 by David Duke. The theme of the conference was the unification of Europeans and Americans in opposition to Jews, who were demonized as blood suckers and parasites who dominate media and government around the world. A significant number of politically affiliated European racists addressed the crowd, including Nick Griffin and Simon Darby from the far-right British National Party, Karl Richter and Marcus Haverkamp from Germany's far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), Vavra Suk and Lennart Berg of Sweden, Jean-Michel Girard of France's far-right National Front, and Deirdre Fields of South Africa. It remains unclear whether these disparate American and international white supremacist groups will be able coordinate their anti-Jewish rhetoric and cooperate in their activities, but the simple fact of their participation in Duke's New Orleans meeting is a significant development in the world of white supremacy and anti-Semitism.

If so maybe you should rethink your link to me, Or your link to the BNP.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi babbazee, I am not linking your site. I am linking to your article because it makes some very good points.

I have left a couple of comments on your site and wish you luck in awakening the American people about the danger they and us face. Islam doesn't care about the colour of the people they kill.

BabbaZee said...

Thanks Green Arrow.

No Hard feelings between us but here is the comment I left at my site for you and I want to leave it here as well so that my position is clear.

Thanks again.

Green Arrow

I see that we have much in common but this:

"The BNP does have a white only membership"

is a major stumbling block for me as far as me being able to say,

OH OK, there is nothing about BNP I am in vehement disagreement with.

Also please try to explain to me how you can justify BNP members speaking at that conference with Duke that I linked above.

Maybe you are in BNP because there is no better alternative for you, and these things do not reflect your personal views? If so you have to think about the BNP now. If not there is a point here on which you and I will never agree and it is a vital one from my perspective, not one that I can ignore.

I can not say that I would (or COULD) belong to or want to be associated with any group that says "our members can only be white"

I do not begrudge people of common religious , social, political or intellectual interest forming exclusive groups, I even don't have a problem with male only or female only groups...

But the color of a persons skin is not reflective of any ideology. it is arbitrary, and it's a staple delineation of the Blavatsky/eugenics/nazism/White supremacist ideology. It's ignorant.

How do you justify this without including the same justifications the White Supremecists do which IMO are total bullshit?

There are white Muslims

and black Christians and Jews

I can't support a group that draws a membership line at color no matter how much else about it I may agree with it.

Vanishing American said...

Far be it from me to try to speak for Green Arrow; I am not even British but American, and I don't see where 'babbazee' is coming from.
Surely he knows that in America we have political groups like La Raza, which accepts only Hispanics, and many other such groups for minorities. Those groups are never called 'ignorant' for their nationalistic beliefs and practices. Why is nationalism a bad word when it applies to whites?
The inescapable fact is that British people have historically been white people; only within my lifetime has the name British been applied to people of various races, and they are not descended from British ancestors. The idea of multiple races within one nationality is an anomalous one; nationality was traditionally monoracial.
And I would imagine, just as here in America, ethnic minorities choose to align themselves with parties which are ideologically leftist and pro-multicultural.
I don't see how it's for Americans to sit in judgment on what people in the UK want to do politically. And it looks to me as if only the BNP supports the interests of the traditional British people; the other parties seem to be pro-multicultural and appeasing Islam. The British people surely have a right to organize as they see fit in defense of their own interests.

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for your support V.A.

You are correct about the history of Great Britain. However, if the True Brits, ie, England Scotland, Wales and both the North and South of Ireland do not wake up soon, then the white people will be in a minority in 30 years according to the Governments own figures. The predominate colonisers are Islamic and we know that they "never" integrate but only destroy.

Great Britain had the opportunity to learn from our Cousins over the pond that multiculturalism would never work but such is the vanity of the Marxist that have governed us for decades that they went ahead and done it anyhow. Now we must fight.

Good Luck to the White People of the Word. We are going to need it.

BabbaZee said...

Yes, it would appear that "you white people" need good luck.

Let me try to make this clear if it is possible:

I see the world as being divided into TWO GROUPS ONLY

Those people in the Covenant of LIFE

and those people in the Covenant of DEATH

I assure you these two covenants are real and binding, and everyone belongs to one of them whether they are cognizant of this or not.

This is the Sheep and the Goats, this is the Chaff and the Wheat,
THIS is the ONLY division.

Everything else is satanic diversion to keep the people from uniting under GOD.

That's my premise of life.

GOod luck to you, sincerely.

May you realize what I am saying here and think more deeply about the limits inherent in your stated ideology.

And I am a she, BTW.


British National Party member said...

I just saw this.

Babbazee, its also arbitrary if your a man or a woman, but that didnt raise your heckles. Its late and im tired, but this is my homeland and if you want to see it given away then that's your business, but dont expect us to roll over like a trusting puppy while the rest of the world takes our history and spends it all today.

The other thing is that we spent around 400 years dragging various parts of the world out of the stone age. The last thing i want to do now is be 'supreme' over anything. Sod em, its not our business anymore. We - the BNP - certainly arnt 'supremacists', at all. We wish to save our people. For this, we are castigated.

BabbaZee said...

You are using the wrong yardstick to delineate good from evil, sorry.

I am a Jew.

No one has yet defended the BNP being at that vile Duke conference.

I know how you feel about me underneath. I am "not white" either by your standards. And if those re not your standards why can no one defend that appearance, no one even addressed it, it's like I never posted it.

Dig yourself.

Back to your comment:

Your comparison is untenable.

Male and female is NOT arbitrary, males and females are biologically and quantitatively different in all ways despite the modern liberal brainwashing that says there should be no "differences between the genders"

We are different. Fact.

It is not comparable to race at all.

I will pray for your enlightenment

I want to stop these MFers as much or more as all of you.

BabbaZee said...

Choose Your Covenant: