Monday, 21 May 2007

Who is waiting for the next Bang?

We are. Or at least those of us who are truly aware of the dangers of Islam are waiting for the bang. The sheep people turned over in their sleep on 7/7 but soon returned to their slumber once the images of destruction had vanished off their T.V. screens. The British Lion can be a very heavy sleeper.

The next bang that comes will kill a few more of us but will waken a few thousand more to reality and all the time those of us who are aware will keep trying to waken our fellow True Brits. And the Cult of the Dead Paedophiles ask on their websites which alarm bell blogs are worthy of a Fatawa or whether it would be right to use "dirty" nuclear weapons against the west.

Today we have news from Hassan Butt, a former insider of the Al Qaeda network who warns that thousands of young Muslims are being prepared to unleash a fresh reign of terror on Our Nations streets.

He says, over on Ummah News Links that the moderate Muslims are also knowingly giving money to fund the war against us.

In conversation with a reporter at a cafe near the site of the London Tube bombings, Butt revealed how he collected "taxes" from doctors and wealthy businessmen in the Muslim community with his sinister team to fund terrorism and lured desperate drug addicts, aided by their evil dealers, in a plot to "poison the West with drugs" .

"Saying thousands of British Muslims support terrorism is no over-estimation. I know because I used to raise money from them. Doctors, teachers and businessmen would all chip in-and they knew it was going towards terrorism."

And so we wait for the bang. We wait for the images and we wait for the Dhimmi Politicians to make excuses for the followers of the Cult of Islam. People are going to die and cause others to cry but a few more of our countrymen will awake. What a terrible price to pay for an alarm clock.

Perhaps we should be pushing for Islam to be declassified as a religion and reclassified as a subversive political movement and/or a hateful and dangerous cult?

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Anonymous said...

Another Stunning post, I think Islam should be declassified as a religion, and banished from our Lands

W E D Aberdeen

najistani said...

I think Islam should be reclassified as a contagious mental illness, a kind of memetic rabies, and the carriers treated accordingly.