Thursday, 31 May 2007

"Wanted him and their son to die as Islamic Martyrs"

British? - Nah!

So what kind of wife would encourage her husband to become a terrorist and blow himself and others to bits? Is she seeing someone on the side or is there another reason?

So what can kind of person is this wife, who as a mother who would also wish for their baby son to grow up and become a suicide bomber?

In a case currently going on at the Old Bailey, which you can read about here, the Prosecutor said;

"His wife was not only aware of his intention, but positively encouraged it - despite that fact that his actions would almost certainly result in his death and in their son being without a father.

"These are mindsets which are beyond ordinary understanding and which possess a chilling resilience."

But we do understand why she encouraged it. She is a coward. She is so frightened of death that she would sacrifice both her husband and son to avoid the "Torture of The Grave".

To keep his followers in line, the crazy creature called Mohammed told them about the "Torture of the Grave". Now whether a good guy or a bad guy, waiting for "judgment day" after death for a Moslem is no fun. The only way it can be avoided is to go straight to heaven as a martyr. That way you do not have to hang about until "judgment day" but also get to take delegated family and friends (cant remember how many) with you.

That is why Mothers and Fathers send their children to blow themselves to bits. Means they can go on living without worrying about death because their son has paid for their ticket to paradise. Cowards not fit to be parents.

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Anonymous said...

Nutters. And we are the bigger nutters for allowing them to come and live here.
But when you realise they are on every street and corner of the UK, in Post Offices, Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, Schools, Police, emergency Services, All of the Legal profession, Armed Forces, Security Services, Civil Service, Government, MPs,Lords, Councils.
On and on goes the list. Is it any wonder Westminster has rolled belly up to the plague of the black death?
And why do the public not see what has been done to their country? And why do they not seem to care????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Fidothedog said...

Hurrah, another sucess story for Blairs multicultural experiment.

najistani said...

Hi G.A.
It's actually 70 relatives you get to take with you.

So if you've got a useless family member, the best thing you can do is persuade him to kill a few kaffirs and hope that he himself dies in the process. I don't think it works if he just kills kaffirs then get locked up for life and dies of old age. Nor does it work if he blows himself up without killing any kaffirs.

There's a story about this which I left in an earlier comment at

The Green Arrow said...

Thats right so you did najistani, I wondered where I had read it.

They are sad sick creatures for sure. Usually in wars, fathers send their sons to fight, this time it will be sons and fathers fighting together.

Thank God for the BNP to stand with.